Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~must be the monay!!

Dress: Vintage, Thrifted; Shoes: Steve Madden Thrifted; Belt:  Doncaster Tanner

Today, Angie of Fashion Me Blog, had an interesting post about the affordability and consumerism of fashion.  Laments Angie, ".It somehow bothers me that fashion equals consumerism. It shouldn't be like that...but how else should it be?  I want to keep on blogging but I don't want to be on the lookout for the next thing to buy!!!"  I get it!  As I'm perusing my favorite fashion mags, I'm seeing so many adorable and beautiful items.  It's difficult sometimes to reel yourself in.  But fashion magazines and designers have a stake in constantly changing fashions and styles.  What makes it acceptable for a longer skirt to be "current" one year only to be deemed a fashion faux pas the next?

Fashion is certainly about creativity; but let's  be realistic.  It's also very much about profit.  Fashion absolutely should NOT equal consumerism.  Personal style has nothing to do with how much or little money you spend.  I love Karla's Kloset and Sea of Shoes with a passion.  Seriously!   It's like Fantasy Island visiting their blogs.  EVERYTHING is just so beautiful!  But I'm not going to spend a house payment on a pair of YSL shoes.
In fact, I would wager that the average woman in Average Town, USA is not willing to spend that either.

But does that mean we can't have beautiful and unique clothes also?  I think not!  This is another reason why I thrift AND love vintage clothing.  I found that when I got all my clothes at an affordable department store; they were great, but I felt a bit like I was fashioned from a cookie cutter.  If I can't really afford the really high priced well made designer duds, then I don't want just anything.  I want to get the best quality, the most unique and lovely fabrics for the money I have to spend.  If I can pick up a D&G dress for $50; then YEAH BUDDY!  I'm all over it!  But if I have to settle for something else; I want it to be special and unique.....because I believe that's how  we all want to feel when we get dressed:  SPECIAL AND UNIQUE!

For some fabulous thrifting tips, check out My Edit.  She does a weekly feature called Thrift Thursdays and has some wonderful thrifting tips and guidelines.  I also think that she combines thrifting, current and vintage clothing flawlessly!


  1. Good morning, Serene! These pictures of you are amazing...the dress, the colors, the sunglasses, location, sun...your hair...everything about them is awesome! I also wrote a little bit about the cost of clothes...after I whined over my diet!! You look beautiful and make every reader WANT to thrift shop!

  2. You're right. I would say the same thing. Fashion is about choosing interesting clothes, not buying them.

    Thrift and vintage are the answers to limited budgets. I've never spent more than $30 on any item, or more than $75 a month -- and I have a huge closet full of great items.

    We can resist the pull of retailers trying to get us to spend more than we can afford.

  3. It's such a relief that others think along the same lines.It all starts getting clear.I thought about stopping to blog but now I will get more creative and keep my eyes open for bargains and thrifting and vintage!Thanks for mentioning and the help!

  4. I love creativity in fashion and that sometimes means being creative with a small budget! That was the reason I learned to sew at 12--so I could have fashionable clothes on a budget. And so many blogs now feature 30 for 30 type challenges, that really make you stretch your wardrobe--its great!

    Love the bright graphic print in your dress (of course) and you look like a million bucks! Paula

  5. Hi Serene! I'm a fellow vintage fan who hates spending cash on clothes. I love that dress, it's a riot of colour. x

  6. The colors are so fantastic! You pull off these vibrant colors so well!

  7. Pretty dress! I believe fashion is always going to play apart in our world because people judge on appearance. Thanks

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