Sunday, February 6, 2011

~Red Red Wine

ALL THRIFTED:  Vintage blouse and skirt (I altered), Stuart Weitzman heels, Tanner Sweater
This outfit came together the night before I wore it....I tried on and played around with a few different things and just fell in love with this.  It's so lady like.  It also makes me realize that I don't have NEAR enough red!  It's such a good color for me and yet I rarely wear it....I only own a couple of red things. 

My daughter is looking for a prom dress and sent me a picture last night while she was shopping with her dad, of a couple of dresses.  They both looked beautiful on her!  But she made a comment that struck a chord with me.  She was saying that she just wasn't sure about a dress that she really really liked. I said, "Just get what you like and forget about it".  To that, she replied, "But I want everybody else to like it!"  OH. MY. GOSH!!!  How many times have I dressed and especially blogged the same way?  To please others.  In search of compliments.  To fit in.  But that's not what style is about.  It's about taking the biggest risk of all.....just being YOU!


  1. Love the blouse and skirt - both thrifted wow! Interesting observation about your daughter. It's hard not to give in to pressure to dress to please others especially when you are young, experimenting and trying to find your identity. Do you think blogging makes you dress to please other people? I like to think of it as sharpening my game as otherwise I'd be quite slack in the style department.

  2. That's so true. Ultimately, we should dress for ourselves.

    And this is a darling outfit. I love the color.

  3. Veshoevius..I definitely think I have worn outfits to hopefully garner positive comments on my blog...of course this isn't what I want to do with my style so now I try to honestly not care what anyone thinks and just fress for make myself happy!!

    Joy! Thanks!

    Shy, thanks for the compliment! I loved wearing this!

  4. The skirt just fits perfectly! Especially liked what you wrote about the biggest risk...just being yourself. Teaching that to our children can be a task though.

  5. LOVE that quote and couldn't agree more. I also concur that you need to get yourself some more red to wear. You are a bombshell in it.

  6. I love the advice you gave to your daughter! It's so true, and we should all strive to live like that - wearing what we please no matter what others think!


  7. Good advice! And the red skirt is beautiful on you!

  8. red looks amazing on you! i especially love it with this blouse ~ one of my favorites in your closet. it's so pretty and feminine! excellent advice to your daughter ~ she should always dress to please herself first. we all love compliments. i'm happy to hear positive reinforcement, but i wear what i like regardless of what anyone thinks. and if people don't like what i'm wearing, well that's their opinion. chances are they've worn plenty of things i don't like too. lol. keep those creative outfits coming!! ~ susan

  9. You are so right Serene...but I think both me and my daughter fall into the other trap!
    This outfit is so classy!! You look great in you have accomplished both!! This is an amazing look!!

  10. I'm coveting those Weitzman shoes and the blouse, and that skirt is just the right length to show off your lovely legs!

    I have to agree with Veshoevius -- I dress to sharpen my game. I do this to please myself first of all: to become a bit more adventurous, to find shades and shapes that flatter me more, and to dig up the beauty I know is there. Without the blog, I might not have the energy and reason to try harder.

    If others are pleased along the way, that's delightful! I *know* I'm more conservative than many of my readers might like, but I do appreciate the compliments when I make a bold step.


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