Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~On a fence

Leather Jacket and Dress: Thrifted  Vintage, altered dress   Shoes:  Thrifted  Belt:  Michael Kors

I recently purchased this dress at a local thrift store.   I fell in love with the pattern and decided it would look really cute cut much shorter and hemmed.  And while I still like it; to be honest; tights are a real sticking point for me.  I'm just not feeling tights, other than maybe black ones.  And even those irritate me because I can't seem to get them dull....they always seem to be shiny (aaaarrrggghhhh). 

So, as much as I really really like the dress/jacket combo; I just don't know how I'm feeling about the outfit as a whole.  Kind of doesn't feel like me.  Thinking about selling the dress....hmmmmm.....


  1. Hey Serene! I think the look on the whole is really cute! I don't understand your thing about the tights! I try and do natural fibers which tends to eliminate the shine--but sometimes they get a little baggy. I think I had a leather jacket like that back in the 70's! Love--me

  2. I like the really tough look of the jacket against the feminine and pretty look of the dress! It's also a fun color combination.
    I buy all my tights at Target or KMart - nothing fancy!

  3. I'll bet you'll love this dress come springtime when you can haul out the sandals! I really like the jacket and it fits you beautifully. that's an item I haven't yet found...to meet my specs while thrifting.

    I wonder if dance tights might have more of a matte finish in the photos.

  4. I think this dress would look great with some bright tights. Then tone down the rest.


  5. I think the dress is a keeper. But (here's comes some of my infamous honesty-) the outfit is no go.
    Each piece separate works, but together not so good. The shiny red leather jacket reiterates what you hate about the tights, the shine. And it cuts you in half, no long lithe silhouette here, which is a pity. The dress is pale and you like vibrant, but I think it can be rocked: with bright tights and a looooong sweater. Perhaps another neutral, and almost as long as the hem of the dress. That's my two bits, anyway. Keep what you need, disregard what you don't like. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  6. I like the dress with the jacket. Would it be possible to wear the dress as a shirt?

    I gave your blog an award:

  7. I love that dress Serene, and the jacket adds a lot to it.
    Fantastic look.

  8. I love your jacket! So perfect! I had this amazing red leather jacket I found for three dollars at value village once but I wore it so much it actually fell apart! :)

    The dress is cute too but what about just using it in the summer with some mid calf leggings and flats or something?

    Have a lovely day!

  9. Clunk ... OK I'm sitting up again ... the leatttthhhheeeerrrrrr jacket is wicked!!! Well I think the dress is gorgeous on you - I love the skirt shape on you - you've styled it up beautifully. So there;)))) xoxo

  10. OMG, I heart that jacket! (drool). Love the color of the tights, too, and I don't think the shine is a problem. While the combination of the dress & jacket doesn't exactly make me go "wowza," I basically think that the outfit works. If that makes sense....

  11. Oh how I LOVE all of you!!! I feel like Gregory House feeding off of the feedback from his team...I guess that's what all of us are, eh? A style team!! The jacket photographs shinier than it is in person.

    After looking at it again, I still don't feel like it really works. It WANTS to...it just doesn't. Have you ever seen a man that has all the features to be a really good looking man; but yet isn't? That's how I feel about this outfit...the elements are there; but it doesn't do it for me. Obviously I have some serious tights issues that I don't think are going to be resolved this season. I love the combo of the jacket with the dress. So I think the best solution is to make it a short sleeve dress and wait until I can wear it with bare legs (LOL, I started to put "bear" legs...not a good look on ANYONE!)

    What I most appreciate about all of you, however, is your candor. Thank all of you so much for being honest! I LOVE YOU GIRLS! (two chest beats and an extended peace sign with head bowed!)

  12. Serene, You look like a force to be reconded with!! That jacket is fierce! I love your T strap shoes..this look is very strong!

  13. I love the color of the tights, you look great!

    Miss Neira

  14. such great thrifted finds! I love that red jacket!

  15. okay, i love that jacket - the burgundy color is so rich and gorgeous! and that belt...hubba hubba. here's my suggestion for fixing your shiny tights problem: instead of going for opaque tights, which can sometimes be shiny, try basic black tights, but double up on them. that way they look super dark and matte. i've been doing exactly that for two reasons - bc i hate it when my tights are somewhat sheer and it's keeping me warm since it's so flipping bitter cold here! ~ susan

  16. However you do it, I am sure it will look great. If YOU don't like the look with tights, then it doesn't matter how much WE do! You'll find the combo that makes you say, "Yes!"


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