Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gittin' Mah Purdy On!

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We have a wonderful store in a nearby town called Celebrity Consignment.  The first time I went into it, I was in Heaven!  Apparently it’s owned by Whitney Houston’s aunt who is from this area.  They get clothes from Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, Diane Sawyer, Dionne Warwick, Alicia Keys and some more celebrities whose names escape me!  My first buy was a donated skirt that belonged to Dionne Warwick!  I found myself suddenly psychic, telling everyone to dial 900 numbers, and asking for directions to San Jose.  I even met Ms Warwick there a few weeks ago when she was doing a book signing for a new kids’ book she has out.  What a lovely woman?!

Well, Black Friday found Sweet Baby and me digging through celebrity cast-offs (okay, I was digging, he was sitting in a comfy chair keeping the world on it’s axis via his blackberry).  I escaped that day with only two items, this lovely dress which loved on me the moment I slipped it over my head and an Alicia Keys skirt that I’ve been eyeballing since my first day in there a year and a half ago.  At $50 this dress was truly a splurge for me, but the owner did mark it down from $65 so I still got a deal.  I wore it dressy here, which of course is a no brainer, but I’m also seeing it with leggings and belted.  Maybe in the summer over white pants with a pretty belt.  I also just got a black blouse that would look cute under this.    I think my “purdy gurl” dress and I have lots o’ good times ahead!   Upcoming:  my Alicia Keys skirt….gaaawjusss! 

DRESS:   Consignment


SHOES:  Thrifted

Event:  Work Christmas Party

Some Chris Brown Christmas Cheer…..my favorite secular Christmas song!


  1. What a cool consignment shop!! So wish I could go! AND this is your purdy, girl! It looks great and was worth the splurge! I am just taken with how much fun a shop like that would be. (ALSO, I so wish I could see your missing comment from your post on my blog...maybe it will return someday from cyber space!) You look great!

  2. You look like a real star yourself, nothing to envy them in that golden lace dress.
    It´s worth every penny.
    I bet you are really proud.

  3. What a fabulous dress...don't you love when you find great deals! It looks perfect for a Christmas party.


  4. where is this store and why havent I heard about this?! Lol You look fabulous as always...i need you to help me jazz up my work clothes :)

  5. Serene the dress is beautiful. It's an excellent deal and how fun to have something a celebrity previously owned! So fun ~ I love how you've already thought of so many ways to wear it. It would look amazing over white pants and belted. ~ Susan

  6. What a fun shop! I wanna go!!

    And you look pretty awesome in this dress!!

  7. Wow, did you luck out gf! That is such a cute dress!!! Bet hubby thought it was purdy too~hope you had fun!

  8. That shop sounds like it must be so fun to explore! I love the idea of it. And, your gold dress is magnificent! I really really want something gold to add to my wardrobe - besides jewelry.

  9. Nice! Your post made me realize that I've never tried consignment shops and I'll bet there are plenty in my area.

    An idea for a story: you put on a garment from this shop and begin to channel the personality/celebrity who wore it before you. You begin to sing like Whitney, etc.

  10. Pam, Thanks! LOL maybe my missing comment went somewhere where someone needed a good laugh!

    Sacramento, thanks so much for the compliment! I didn't even blink at spending $50 on it! :)

    Ashley, It really is a great party dress, and as much as I love to dress up, I don't have anything super dressy.

    Jess, Girly, it's downtown Shelby, across from the courthouse. I could so put some jazz in your life! LOL

    Fancie, Whenever I go in there and see something I like, I always ask who donated it! Now my clothes have celebrity names like The Dionne Skirt or my Alicia Keys Skirt.

    Joy, come on down (or up, I think you're in GA, right?) and I'll treat you to a grilled pimento cheese sandwich! We'd have a blast!

    Paula, My sweet baby is wonderful. He really loved me in it!

    Vanessa, I could so see you working the gold! I love metallics. You're so bold in your color and I'm bolder in a design. To be honest sometimes color scares the poo out of me!

    Terri, you have no idea what you're suggesting. I'm SUCH a ham and will use any excuse to break out into song and dance! Much to the chagrin of my children who are much more subdued! LOL

  11. WHOA! What a gorgeous dress! You look phenomenal!



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