Monday, December 20, 2010

You're GOING to get old!






Guess what!  We’re getting older.  And with any luck, we’re going to get old.  That’s right.  OLD.  And everything that comes with it…..wrinkles, gray hair, menopause, incontinence (going potty is so tedious anyway; to just be able to wear an adult diaper and change it when it’s convenient MAY not be such a bad thing), forgetfulness (that came early for me), hairs growing in the strangest places and shrinking about 3 inches.  Sounds fun, eh?  But consider the alternative……a youthful corpse?

Thus far, I’ve been fortunate to have aged fairly well.  Hey, tomorrow I may have jowls down to my knees and size 10 crows’ feet; but so far so good.  I feel like I can say this with absolutely no conceit  because I really can’t take credit for it.  I’ve got pretty good genes.  My grandmother is 80 and is finally REALLY going gray.  My aunt who is in her mid fifties looks about 15 years younger than that.  And my mother, when she passed away at 56, still looked absolutely amazing.  To a large extent, how we age, depends on genetics; so if you’ve been fortunate in that area, be sure to give credit where credit’s due.

However, there ARE things that we can do that will make the wheels of age turn gently and not like they’re being driven by Bo and Luke Duke!  I started thinking about this the other day, and here are some things that I’ve done through the years and some things that I SHOULD have done through the years to gently traverse the years.

1.  Use moisturizer EVERY day.  I think it’s the ONLY thing I’ve done consistently all these years.  I heard it on the Donahue Show when I was still in high school.  The topic was secrets of great looking older women and it was the one “secret” that they all had in common.

2.   Unless you’re health endangering overweight, don’t lose more than about 10 pounds.  As we age, our skin loses elasticity.  The gaining and losing weight takes it’s toll and when we lose weight, it shows in our faces.  Think saggy skin and withered lips.  You’ll look better with, what you think, (must be the curse of being a woman – always thinking we’re 20 pounds away from the elusive perfection), are those few extra pounds.

3.  Beware the sun!  Laying out in the sun was all well and good when we were in high school.  I remember basting myself with baby oil for a deep dark all over roast!  But now we know…too much sun leaves one looking like fine corinthian leather – a beautiful thing for a Jaguar, not so much for the face!

4.  Under no condition, no matter what those incessant voices in your head tell you, DO NOT TRY TO DRESS TO LOOK YOUNG.  When we do that, we don’t look young.  We look desperate.  We aren’t desperate

5.  MOVE….the women that I have seen that have aged the best move their bodies.  They get regular exercise.  It doesn’t have to be tortuous, it just needs to be vigorous and consistent. 

6.  Laugh a lot!  If I’m going to get wrinkles, I’d like for them to be laugh lines not that big ugly line across your forehead that advertises that I’m a worry wart. 

7.  Wear what you like because you like it!  That’s what I hear the most from my friends who are older – they just don’t worry about what people think as much as they did when they were younger.  So if you want to wear a hat every day or a feather boa, wear it!  Now if you’re wearing it because you think it makes you look younger, put it away!

Here  are some of my AWESOME over 40 blogger friends!  They have incredible style and have aged amazingly well….I feel like I learn from them all the time:

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Amended: Please please please turn me on to over 40 fashion bloggers! I know there must be more out there, so if it's you or you know one....share a link.

Check these wonderful women out! Also, I'd LOVE to hear some of your advice on matter what your age!


  1. Great advice! I'm glad I have the laugh lines to offset the forehead lines, like you said. But that's just because I'm so EXPRESSIVE (raises eyebrows for emphasis).

  2. Fabulous advice!! My daughter is 12 1/2 and I'm already telling her she needs to start using some kind of moisturizer. She'll thank me when she's older!

    And WASH YOUR FACE! Don't sleep with makeup still on. Take the 5 minutes to wash it off, no matter what.

  3. You look awesome! I loved this post, and agree with all your look younger tips. I will say that I have been meaning to get a silk pillowcase, because I heard it helps with the wrinkles you gain while sleeping. Heather Locklear says she has slept on her back her whole life and it works wonders for her. (obviously) :)

  4. Imagine all of our blogger's wisdom??? This could be earth shattering!
    Oh, and before I forget, this is MY favorite outfit of yours! Love the full, BLUE (color) skirt, the tee straps, and the shape of the outfit! And the shorter skirt is so fresh looking!!!!
    My tips? Definately ditto on the moisturizer...
    oh, and bangs rather than botox...

  5. Serene, thanks for including me on your list! I want to look young like you...and I agree with your does make a difference. The other day I was bummed because I now have to eat tortilla chips with flax seeds and if I don't properly prepare...celebrating a touchdown can be embarrasing!! But, such is life..I LOVE this blue skirt and the total look is one of my favorites for you! Looks so good...but the skirt? Its amazing.

  6. Serene--the blue skirt is beautiful. Thank you for the kind mention. It's the smiling one that I still need to work on!

  7. I'm over 40!
    my pal Reva too!

    I'm working on a blogroll of over 40 bloggers, and want to post in January. We've got to represent!

    PS you look beautiful!

  8. You're always looking incredible-- must be a combination of genetics, good body upkeep AND that happy spirit! x

  9. amazing outfit! absolutely chic!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!!
    Love your post about getting older.
    Can't stop it no matter what!
    I LOVE your blue skirt.
    I can tell I am about to go into a skirt obsession now that I see how cute they are with tights!

  11. Love your tips.
    The sun is really not our friend we have to make sure we useSPF at all times even when it's dreary outside.
    Exercise is a must it keeps our muscles toned and it makes you feel good inside and out.

  12. This is really great advice. Another tip is to eat healthily... junk food and other bad stuff we put in our body shows and can give us bad skin! Also, no smoking please, and limit your alcohol intake :D

    And there's no age to stop wearing miniskirts or stop showing cleavage. Wear what feels comfortable to you, and your confidence will show :)


  13. Sweet, fun, and helpful post, Serene! I especially like #2. It reminds me of a quote attributed to Catherine Deneuve: "Il faut choisir entre le visage et le derriere." You need to choose between your face and your behind...basically, if you want a smoother face as you get older, you're going to have a bigger rear, too. I'll accept a few extra skin-plumping pounds!

    I'd add that it's a good idea for the daily moisturizer to include a little sunscreen if one's days include daylight exposure. I only started with the daily moisturizer and SPF15 in my early thirties -- wish I'd started sooner, though! We just don't realize in our teens and twenties that the wear and tear of even light sun exposure will add up.

  14. Great skirt and thank you for the tips!!

  15. Thanks girlies for all the input! I think I'm going to have to follow up this subject with all of your suggestions! ~Serene

  16. oK, now I'm wondering if i dress too "young" ? i though i had made peace with that.....
    i am actually about to do a shoot sans make-up and most of my clothes ( no nudity) to show the realness of my body , flab, nubbies and all. I hop e i don't shock too man people!
    many think i am skinny, but i'm not!
    You look fab and i so wish i had had someone to tell me not to toast myself with baby oil in the summer!
    I also have bed- wrinkles, too as i am a side-sleeper. i am definitely gona have to try a silk /satin pillow case!

  17. Great advice and nice blog you have. Visit mine if you like @


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