Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't FUR-get me!

fur collar

fur collar2

fur collar3

fur collar4

Hullo Dah-links!  Zerene iz not here today.  Ez me….Zsa Zsa!  I told Zerene I vant to show all her lovely readers my faaabulous fur collar.  Don’t I look simply SCRUMPTIOUS dah-link?  But of COURSE I do!  I’m wearing my vonderful fur scarf, dah-link!   See how it frames the money-maker dah-link?  Yes Yes, I’m ageless I know, but it zertainly helps to have a family of rabbits to wear around your neck….those Dee-LITEFUL creatures!  Why dah-link!  Have you ever seen an ugly rabbit?!  But of course NOT!   Zese lovely fur dumplings were given to me by Jean Von Franz, a uber-vealthy trader in French baseball trading cards dah-link.  I told Jean I absolutely could NOT accept zuch an extravagant gift, but LIEBCHEN, he put on such the zad face, why I could not disappoint the poor man!

Oh my!  I must run….but excuse me dah-link…..I must be chauffered!  I have a public that awaits!  Why dah-link!  I have the hair!  I have the face!  I have the clothes!  What poor woman has to do without because I have it ALL dahlink!?!  Zerene will be back next time; but be assured dah-link.  She won’t be as glamorous as MOI!  Auf Wiedersehen!

Zsa Zsa’s Look:

DRESS:  Belk

FUR SCARF:  Thrifted for $1!!!!  (Don’t believe Zsa Zsa when she says it was given to her by an amorous admirer!)

BOOTS: Thrifted


  1. Incredible way to spend $1, dah-link! You look fabulous! Wintery and chic!

  2. One dollar! Amazing! And your Zaa-Za imitation is wonderful.

  3. oh cute tights!!! and you look so warm and cozy!!
    happy saturday!

  4. That is a fabulous fur! And the tights are pretty cute, too! You do pull off the all-black (or nearly all black) well!

  5. I love the way that fur frames your face. You look too lovely for words, and por 1 dollar, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  6. Hahaha! I love it! Such a fabulous alter-ego!:)

  7. I am in love with the fur trend! I bought the faux fur H&M scarf, and I wear it with everything!

    Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

  8. I LOVE IT! And I'm laughing my butt off at Zsa Zsa!

  9. love your Zsa-Zsa outfit!, and that fur scarf is awesome!
    I think black color really fits you very well!

    Thanks for your nice comment!

  10. lol, zsa zsa! Its like an oversized pearl necklance in fur...Those are different style shoes for you, no?

  11. A buck? You look a billion here! Hands down THE best dress ever - your figure looks amazink darlink!!! xo

  12. <3 the fur scarf!! Go the thrift stores!!

    We are now following :)

    Black Ink Vintage xx

  13. that $1 fur scarf is FABULOUS!

  14. Love the tights! I'm new here and scrolled down a bit and you look way too young to be a mother to all those kids, already high school and college age!!


  15. Hey girlies! What wonderful comments! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  16. Tights are so cool and make the out fit look so cute.


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