Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I know for sure





I’ve found myself in a bit of a dilemma.  I’m experiencing inspiration overload and blog addiction.  Not my blog, but others!  I’ve found so many blogs of women whose style I absolutely LOVE and it’s like eating Funyons, I know you really need to put the bag down, but you just can’t seem to make yourself do it! 

Then, add to that, trying different looks and styles and hating them on me while loving them on others.  I’m closet confused!!!!  It’s left me with a sense akin to a marriage of amnesia and schizophrenia.  I can’t remember what I really like and yet I seem to like everything but none of it feels like me. 

“AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!   You’re EXASPERATING Charlie Brown!!!!”

SO!  In an effort to make sense of some things, I’m thinking out loud here and making a short list of the style points I’m sure of.  Feel free to skip this part right here….I have a feeling it’s not going to be necessarily  blog worthy, but very necessary for me and my ebbing sanity.

1.  I really love vintage.

2.  I favor a clean lines look.

3.  While I really love layering on others, on me….hmmmm, I' accept that I’m not much of a layerer.  It’s just too fussy for me.


5.  Colored tights make me feel like a clown.  I’m going to allow for exceptions but making an agreement with myself to admire them on others and abstain from them on me. (Parenthetical thought….I really really enjoy alliteration)  (Second parenthetical thought, how often do I EVER get to say “parenthetical”?  I think I need to find reasons to use it!)

6.  I enjoy heels more than boots.

7.  My favorite looks that I see on others have one common theme……they’re easy.  They aren’t contrived, they just look effortless.

8.  I favor contrasts:  long over short, short paired with long, vintage with current, fancy with casual.

9.  I have to have balance in a look.

10.  Strong colors I wear have to be balanced by a neutral.  This is just me.

11.  I like my outfits more when I don’t overthink them.  In fashion as in life, I screw up when I get in my head too much.

And now, I head for my closet armed with this information.  Instead of a snowed in day of stalking other blogs, I think I’ll take a look in my closet and play dress up!  I hope all of you have a wonderful snow day!   I really would LOVE to hear what you KNOW about your style and your fashion affinities, so PLEASE share.

JACKET, BLOUSE, & BOOTS...Vintage & Thrifted

SCARF.....Doncaster Tanner

JEANS......TJ Maxx


  1. Serene, what I know for sure is that you always look amazing! You should not be second guessing yourself...but I understand because I do the same thing. So often I put something together that I really like, but when I look at the what I originally envisioned. I agree with so many of your points...and do not think you should change a thing! I love your looks and find myself attempting to mimic many of them...for example, your white boyfriend jacket! Looks great..

  2. Serene--I have the same dilemma and yet, I think my readers can identify my style, probably better than I can articulate it. I'm amazed that you have thought out this much. If someone were to ask me I would say--simple.

  3. Pam, you are always so kind! I find myself mimicking others' looks sometimes because I honestly really love them, only to find that it's just not me. I do love this jacket too! :)

    Terri, I feel like my brain never turns off! LOL Honestly, I really love style and fashion. I'm finding, however, that I really do have my own "signature" and I feel best in dramatic pieces worn simply. I can certainly see how your style has emerged and blossomed over the past several months. I see the skirts going a little shorter and a more fitted tailoring. I LIKE IT!

  4. i love the way you paird the crisp white blazer with the floral top! =)

  5. This is a great list! I feel like I should do something similar to figure out and write down my internal "rules" when getting dressed. I definitely have them!

    The white boots & jacket are fabulous. I love them!

  6. Your post made me laugh a lot. It IS hard to put one's own style into words. I keep trying because I think it's helpful but, on the other hand, sometimes it's what you CAN'T put into words that really, truly is YOUR style. If it were easy to find words for it, it wouldn't be as original, you know? If that makes sense.....

    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog, btw! We over-40s have to stick together! :)

  7. I hear you Serene! Even though I don\t style blog, I do enjoy looking at several because of the absolute wonderful creativity and style of the ladies and getting inspired but then I kind of get confused after awhile too about what I really love!!

    You look lovely though and I love the way you have contrasted the darker colors with a really bold white! It\s really eye catching!

    Hope you had a really lovely Christmas!

  8. You have to be true to yourself.
    I find inspiration in others, but only wear what looks good in me.
    I lieke to break rules and to create through closes, but this is just me.
    I love your boots soooooooooooo much.

  9. Hope, Lawmama....glad you like the jacket! I actually thrifted it for a quarter! Ridiculous, eh?

    Anne, you're so right. Personal style is hard to define, in part because it's ever changing. I guess, just like art, there's a recognition of the painter; but every painting looks different.

    Colleen, I always love reading your blog! It makes me think, which is such a great thing! You posted a poem not long ago and I read it to my sons.....BEAUTIFUL! are definitely an inspiration for me! Like you, I like to express myself and create through my clothes. I'm finding that balance of being inspired and being true to myself though.

    Much love!!! ~Serene

  10. I love your rules for dressing. It's helpful to know your style and to know your body shape.
    Love the pops of white on this look!

  11. Selene, I love this post! Like you I get so addicted to other blogs (and most of it is a good thing- I like being inspired by real people and real clothes) and I am impressed of your loud thinking: knowing/learning what suits you. I lol'd at the bright tights thing, as I am suspecting that I am with you...i like the look of my crazy tights, but....I love the simplicity of the dark black ones.

    You look lovely in winter white, and while you prefer heels, are looking quite the doll in the boots. xo. -Bella Q

  12. Hello my Beauty!
    Thanks so much for following my baby blog!I too am now following you as well!
    I so agree with a lot of your over-load issues!!!!!
    I too want to change my clothes after I read a few blogs or surf Street Peeper! It took me many months to realize what my true style really is.
    I love a trend, but would always have the need to wear something Boho/vintagy or just some simple black with lots of accessories.
    i also like the 'effortless chic' that so many seem to pull off so well, but it is usually a happy accident when it happens to me ;)
    Then I felt the look was too "ordinary' for a blog post.
    Many trips to my therapist later, I'm not as much worried.
    tee, hee!
    see ya soon!

  13. p.s.


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