Thursday, December 9, 2010

All that Glitters!








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Hello!  I’d love to chit chat with you but I’m far too busy and important to slow down!  I’m sure that you can see that for yourself though because I have on my “busy and important” gold trench that let’s the world know that the woman inside of it is …….wait for it…………….Busy AND Important! 

Doesn’t this trench look expensive?  Well, it was!  But not for me!!  It is a Doncaster Tanner trench that retails for about $500!  Yes, that’s two zeros riding that five’s back.  It’s hard to believe, but there are actual women who paid that much for it.  You know how much I paid?  $24!!!!  Last Spring at the Warehouse sale here in my town.   A few times a year, Tanner has a warehouse sale that is crazy ridiculous.  I snatched this up last year and tucked it away in the back of my closet just waiting for some appropriate weather to wear it.  It’s so fabulous, no picture can even do it justice.  Since it’s such a statement piece, I kept everything else basic black.

I also had to include some pictures of the fabulous stylish women I work with.  Felicia is one of our personal trainers (I am marketing manager at a gym) is I have to tell you, there is not a superfluous piece of skin on her body!  She’s a powerhouse and even better, just a sweet woman whose mission in life seems to be helping others do things they never thought they could.  The sweater she is wearing came from the same Celebrity Consignment shop I mentioned a couple of days ago.  After hearing talk me and a mutual friend talk about it, Felicia took her best girl and they had a BLAST!  She said that they must have been in there for over 2 hours trying everything on.

Sherry is the club manager and runs the Silver Sneaker program, which is our most popular class.  I joke with her that it’s not a class, it’s a cult!  This group uses every opportunity to get together, bring great food, listen to music and have fun.  Carrie is our office manager and is steady shrinking in front of our eyes!  She has the best shape….I always tell her she has a Va Va VOOM figure – the perfect hourglass!  I work with even more wonderful women, but unfortunately, couldn’t get their pics today.  The best thing about them all is that they’re so sweet and encouraging to everyone.  I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful “sisters” in my life!

TRENCH:  Doncaster Tanner

PANTS:  J Crew

BOOTS:  Enzo Angilioni

Nothing thrifted today, but what can I say?  I feel FABULOUS!!  I hope you do too!!!!

How about some Bee Gees this morning?


  1. I am not surprised, that coat screams classy ans expensive, how good of you to get it for such a good price. Clever girl!!!.
    Adorable fellow worker friends!!

  2. I am in love with that trench! Gotta love Doncaster/Tanner :)

  3. Fabulous is the right word for this trench...what a great buy! and you do look busy and important, but with your sweet demeanor it is difficult to believe that you are too busy to chat! This is an incredible statement piece for any wardrobe!

  4. Wow, Serene--what a score on that coat! There won't be a dreary day wearing that charmer! You have some really great second hand/discount stores near you--lucky girl!
    Love seeing the people that you work with--they must love you too!

  5. Snazzy! But, you need a pair of sunglasses to wear with the coat!

    I'm impressed by the dress standards in your workplace. Is Silver Sneakers an exercise class or an eating club?

  6. Thanks all for the comments! Jess, aren't we lucky to have such a great store so near?!

    Terri, Silver Sneakers is an exercise class that is no impact and helps build strength and flexibility. It is absolutely a favorite! They just love to celebrate with "covered dish" for every occasion!

  7. 24 bucks? That's awesome! :) I love Felicia's boots and Sherry's combination of patterns as well.

  8. Serene great deal on the trench! I love it with the boots ~ that would also look super cute in the spring with jeans and flats. I also adore Felicia's grey sweater! ~ Susan

  9. Everyone is so stylish!! I simply adore the satin trench, it's going to be wonderful for the holidays!

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