Monday, March 14, 2011

~*~And now I'm back....from outer space!

Vintage Skirt, worn often.....Sweater & Belt:  Thrifted
Shoes:  Franco Sarto from TJ Maxx
Vintage belt worn as a necklace
Husband's Seiko watch and Mom's bracelet

What can I say?  Vacation is FABULOUS!!!  An entire week with no responsibility!  AMAZING!  It was just what I needed.  To be honest, I've completely been in a funk creatively lately.  My computer's been on the blink and so I took those two combined conditions as a sign that maybe I needed to step back and reevaluate.  Vacation was a great time to do that.

As I was scouring foreign (isn't Florida foreign?) thrift stores, so many ideas and theories came to mind.  Since I began blogging, it's been a very experimental time for me.  Most of my life I've been complimented on how I dress.  Not that I've got the fanciest clothes; but I know how to make due - to turn something not so great into something useable and hopefully with an elegance about it.  But as I started on this blog and putting my personal style out there; it's caused me to really define what my style is.  While I don't like to be pigeon holed, I do like to have a direction.  Hence the name, "Elegant Bohemian".

The Origin

I came up with the term "Elegant Bohemian" in describing my style because in some way, I feel like I'm drawn to opposites.  Maybe it's a balance thing.  I love the bohemian look.  The colors.  The fun style.  The ethnic influences.  But as much as I'm drawn to the gypsy leanings, I equally love the elegance of Old Hollywood.  The clean lines of the film stars of the 30s.  The drama of Hollywood glamour shots.  The ease with which the clothes just hung on the body.  Two very different looks and the refusal to abandon either in favor of the other.    So the solution for me was to combine the two......a bohemian look with an elegant twist.

The Journey

I've read Jentine's blog where she describes her thrifting beginnings and journey.  She said that to begin with she seemed to buy EVERYTHING because she saw potential in everything.  I SOOOOOOOOO get that!!!  I literally laughed aloud when I realized that that's been my dilemma.  It's as if I want to rescue EVERYTHING!  So what happens is that I then come home with a bunch of stuff that really leaves me scratching my head as to how to wear it or has me wanting to rip it off my body at the first opportunity.  I'm now settling into my comfort zone when it comes to my style.  When it comes to style, your comfort zone is exactly where you want to be.  That doesn't mean your comfort zone can't be expanded; but why should any of us wear the latest trend when frankly we're just not that into it.  That's why we're not calling back!  (wink wink)  

My trip and the time alone really helped me sort all of that out.  I really believe I'm not alone.  There are a handful of blogs that I just absolutely am captivated by the blogger's style.    Tons of blogs I love and I love those bloggers; but you know what I mean.  There are just some that you think, "I can so see me in that" to photo after photo or "Man!  THAT'S the look Im trying to achieve!"  One common thread I've noticed in all of them is that when I have gone back to the beginning of their blogs it's evident that their style has been refined throughout the life of their blogs.  I realize, much to my surprise, HEY!  THAT'S NORMAL!  At least it's normal for them, and I think for me also.  I'm curious as I continue blogging and putting my style up for public scrutiny, how my personal style and esthetic will continue to evolve.  I'm looking forward to seeing my blog sister's styles evolve and grow as well!  We're in it together, eh?

Quick Outfit Note

Everything except the shoes are thrifted.   My husband has owned this watch more than twice as long as he's known me!  He put another one on lay-away last year and just recently got it out.  I mentioned to him that I would love to wear his "old" one.  So at the jewelry store when he was picking up his new one, he got a few links taken out of this one.  I've worn it everyday for 2 weeks now and love it!  I love the contrast between the girly bracelet and the masculine watch.... a marriage of jewelry! How romantic!


  1. Serene--Welcome back from your vacation! I missed you. You're looking elegant and bohemian today and I am so jealous of the bare arms. It is my spring break and it has snowed today. One thing I will say about blogging is that it has forced me to look at my former style choices and realize than many things that FELT good didn't always LOOK especially polished. That's what I've been working on with Rags, but I still can't say that I have a definite style.

  2. Serene~Glad to hear you are refreshed and were able to take a step back and do some re-evaluation. That happened to me, and I feel a lot better! So fill me in on the details and fb me.
    Great outfit, btw--love the sandals! Is it that warm there?

  3. Interesting thoughts on the refining or evolution of style. I feel like I'm still me, though I do play around with different color combinations more than I have pre-blog.
    Love the length of this skirt on you, you E.B. (Elegant Bohemian!)

  4. glad to see you back and looking marvelous, dahling!! You would have fit right in at the blogger's conference with those incredible shoes! They gave a prize for the highest heels!! Many of the bloggers discussed how their blogs have defined and refined them over time. I think that is what you are talking about. I am going to share more information tomorrow...I took so many notes and there is so much to sort out. But know this, you and Terri and others have given me the courage to attempt thrifting more. I have been scared of it with my body type...but I think losing some weight has given me the courage...I just need to do it! you look so great...and I also am jealous of bare can do!

  5. Terri, I missed you too!! This was such a great break though. I think I mentioned on your blog that you have really hit your stride the past few months and it's a joy to watch! I think one of the things I love most is the big smile that I'm seeing on your face so often!

    Paula, I stinkin' LOVE these sandals!!! I got them at TJ Maxx and I swear, they just add a funky twist to everything. I mean, pop them on with a grandma dress and BINGO! You got a look! I wore this on Sunday and it was sunny mid 70s....I took a jacket to church, but had to take it off it was just too warm.

    Vanessa, I can honestly say that you've been sooooooo consistent from the very first time I saw your blog. You are a champion of color and layering. The word I always think of is FEARLESS and it inspires me to be more fearlessly "me" as well.

    Pam, I tried on the Jessica Simpson Dany platforms while I was in FL. I've seen them on so many bloggers that when I saw them in the store, I thought, "I have to see how these feel on". It was CRAZY!! I really don't see how anyone walks in them. I can't wait to read more about your trip!

  6. Hi!Serene,happy return home!I love how you put in words some of the things I feel about some bloggers!It happened to me recently to completely identify with another blogger! I'm also going through a major shift in style and I love the fact that I can document it.That leaves me wondering how my style will evolve in the future,say one year from now!
    PS I always check the beginings of blogs to check on how the blogger's style has evolved.

  7. Welcome back, you look gorgeous! That break from responsibility has done you the world of good.
    I can totally empathise with buying everything you see in thrift shops. Blogging has helped me refine my tastes adn from the feedback I receive I know what suits me more now than ever before.

  8. Angie, I do the SAME thing! I love to look back at blog beginnings! I feel like at least we know that we love style...that's where my passion is. The fact that designers change designs dramatically every year shows that their tastes are as fickle as ours!

    VV, EXACTLY! I like the way you put it....the refinement of my tastes! We have to try new things to know what we like and don't like. By the way, I love the way you make vintage so current! BRILLIANT!


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