Thursday, March 31, 2011

~color me pink.....




One of my favorite new additions to my wardrobe is this hot pink off center tie front blouse.  I thrifted this at one of my favorite stores. It's all silk and the most vibrant color.  When I got it, it had long sleeves.  Long sleeves make me feel a bit claustrophobic sometimes, so I cut off the sleeves and made this sleeveless.  I LOVE IT!  It just makes everything look great!

I'm showing it with 2 different outfits.  The first was at our Gym Birthday party.  Paired with black slacks given to me by my aunt, thrifted belt and Doncaster jacket.  This jacket is sooooooo gorgeous!  It has specks of gold throughout and I picked it up at the same thrift store.  It has a matching skirt that fits like a dream and I'm looking forward to wearing it after I chop off a few inches and bring it to slightly above my knee.  Together, the skirt and jacket are a little to Crystal Carrington of Dynasty fame, especially before I ripped out softball size shoulder pads from the jacket......not really the look I'm going for!  The belt is Doncaster and thrifted alson.

The second way I wore it was with my vintage and refashioned red skirt.  I really like the bright color blocking.  I'm seeing this blouse worn year round....with cute skirts in Summer and under fabulous blazers and sweaters in the Winter!


  1. OOOO Hot Mama the look is fab.. and you look beautiful

  2. serven ~ hot pink is gorgeous on you! i'm a super fan of all pinks really, but there's a special "growing up 80s" place in my heart for hot pink. and i especially love it paired with the red skirt. i'm always amazed and impressed of what a fantastic job you do at refashioning clothes. it's such a talent, one sadly i do not possess. you look fabulous as always!! ~ susan

  3. This blouse is absolutely gorgeous...beautiful with the black slacks and the jacket. It was a nice move to remove the somehow that accentuates the big bow. This is a really striking look.

  4. that bright pink looks fantastic on you!

  5. Wow, don´t you look stunning in pink???.
    The colour suit you sooooooooo well.
    Fabulous and very elegant as ever.
    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  6. Fab blouse! And wonderful colour on you - I love your hot pink and bright colour blocking outfit!

  7. So much better being sleeveless--brilliant move. Pink is hot this year (lol). I'm worried for myself on the tie thing; sometimes you just cant go back.....Paula

  8. Wobi, Thanks so much!

    Susan, my refashioning is completely elementary compared to some others I've seen. It's just funny though, how the smallest change can make such a big difference!

    Terri, Thanks! It's the color and the bow that drew me to the blouse to begin with....that off center bow seemed a bit unusual to me.

    Zarna, thanks girly!

    Sacramento, Thanks! Hot pink is one of my favorite colors!

    Veshoevius, a year ago I never would have thought to combine hot pink and red. But now, it just seems so perfect together!

    Paula, I like it much better sleeveless too! I bet this blouse would be gorgeous on you!

    Tons of love to you al!!!

  9. wonderful colours. I love fuschia...

  10. That pink looks AMAZING on you! Both outfits are great, but the color blocking one should get you on the cover of Vogue or something- BEAUTIFUL Selene!


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