Monday, March 28, 2011

~Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl...

I've been hearing about prom for MONTHS!  Seems my daughter and her friends were over the moon in anticipation of their Senior Prom.  I get's like their last big event in High School.  Their last chance to make an entrance as a High School student.  Every girly wants to make an entrance!  Heck, as I'm coming down the stairs about to walk into my house, I'm usually hoping my sweet husband will be there waiting for me so I can make an entrance for him!

A picture just doesn't do this dress justice.  We got this dress at Celebrity Consignment (they just got a website).  It is a Dolce and Gabana and still had the tags in it (that reflected an $1800 retail).  We bought it for $50!  What I love about it is it's elegance and there is alot of lace detail around the bodice, waist and hem.  I can see her being able to wear this for so many occasions.  That's the thing with prom dresses.  They seem to be so specific and "promish" that it's difficult to wear them anywhere else.  You end up spending an obscene amount of money on something that can only be worn once!  NOT gonna happen!

The shoes were purchased at the same store.  I was actually just showing them to my daughter as an example of what kind of shoe to wear with the dress.  She tried them on (they were a Sz 10) and had been donated to CC by Queen Latifah.  My daughter wears about a 7 1/2. Because her foot slid pretty far down, she COULD have worn them as they were.  We bought these Stuart Weitzman shoes for a song and I took them to a shoe repair place in PO-Dunk, NC!  The man was soooooo nice.  He's an older man and very sweetly country.  I asked him if there was any way he could cut down the front of the shoe by about 3/4 of an inch.  He said, "Well, heck!  I've never done anything like that before!  But, let's give it a try and I'll let you know if I don't think I can do it."  So I drew the line where we wanted them cut down and a week later, we received a call that they were ready.  He did an AMAZING job!!  From a Sz 10 to a Size 8!  POIFECT!!

My daughter gets many compliments about how pretty she is.  But I always tell her and anyone who remarks to me about how beautiful she is, "Yes, S is BEAUTIFUL!  But the lovliest thing about her is her wonderful heart.  She's even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the out!"  It would be an understatement to say that I'm proud of my children.  I just love the people that they are!  And I'm so glad that I could share S's prom pictures with all of you!


  1. When I saw the picture first at the top of the page, I thought I was looking at a young Serene! She is her mother's daughter and this dress is fabulous...I am still jealous that you are close to this store. She looks stunning..I hope her prom night was everything she had hoped it would be!!

  2. Oh Serene she is so beautiful! I must find this consignment store ASAP. I am just now starting to plan our wedding and I want to find a great dress...the one I have is just too plain...I like it but I am not "IN LOVE" with it.

  3. Like Pam, I thought that was an old picture of you! Isn't she beautiful? You can see her spirit in her eyes.
    Her dress is timeless and elegant, unlike the hideous 1980's one I wore to my prom in

  4. What a fantastic find, a D &G for 50 dollars in perfect coditions.
    Your daughter is beyond beautiful, and she is learning from you the value of buying second hand quality.
    I am not surprised that she is warm hearted with a mother like you.
    Much love, my dear Serena.
    Is there any Spanish blood in your family??. She looks so Spanish to me.

  5. WOW Beautiful But Beautiful inside so awesome the light shines from the inside out.. Love the dress and shoes amazing~ never new you could do that to a shoe. awesome

  6. Pam, thanks! People tell us we look alike all the time! LOL Neither of us see it, but I always take it as a compliment to me!

    Jess, You HAVE to go there! You will love it!! You may even find a dress there that would make an unusual wedding dress....I think htat would be FABULOUS!

    Vix, Oh my goodness! My junior year dress was the WORST!! In the 80s, many of the girls wore hoops under their dresses to give them an antebellum look. I cringe at the thought now! LOL

    Sacramento, you always say the nicest things!!! I love that about you! :) Yes, my daughter's father is Hispanic. It really shows in her. Everyone has always thought that I was of some other etnicity but alas, I have to disappoint when I say, "I'm just a white girl."

    Wobi, I never knew you could have that done to shoes either! Opens up a WORLD of possibilities!!!! Thanks for the sweet words about my girly!

  7. Wow, what a great deal! And she looks so gorgeous in it.

  8. Serene~You should be so proud! Of yourself for finding that score of a dress, and your daughter seems to have your class!
    Great idea about the shoes~ Love me

  9. beautiful dress!!!xx

  10. Beautiful on the inside AND out? I'm not surprised, since she is YOUR daughter after all, and we all take after our mums! She really is a stunner and I'm loving that dress. What a bargain, too!


  11. Indie! Thanks so much! And thanks for visiting!

    Paula, thanks! My daughter has a wonderful classy taste. I love that about her!

    Reva & Z, Thanks so much!

    Leia, you are too sweet! I definitely like to think that I take after my mom!

  12. Woah... D&G at a consignment shop? Amazing. Looks like a fun prom night in a dress she'll always remember.

  13. Every time I look at my daughter's prom photos...I realize that they are grown up! As beautiful as they are, it always gives me pause. How, I wonder, did this happen while I was looking.

    She is gorgeous. And how wonderful that the shoe man was able to do this for her.

  14. We are so glad you shared the pictures with us!She is very beautiful and she looks a lot like her mum.I also tell my daughter that she is not only beautiful but also smart and good hearted.I also tell her that she was given the beauty but she has to work for her smartness and good heart!

  15. Vanessa, this consignment shop consists of stuff donated by some celebrities to support Youth Programs in this area. I can't believe we were able to get such an amazing dress for a ridiculous price!!!

    Terri, that's what I'm living now. I've got 2 sons already in college and my daughter about to go. My youngest is as big as his older brothers. I find myself sometimes longing for the simpler times when they were hanging onto my skirts. I can hardly believe that they're young adults now!

    Angie, what great advice you give your daughter! I'll have to remember it because it's so true!

  16. The dress is beautiful, but you're so right- your daughter is the biggest beauty in the picture. I hope she was Belle of the Ball.


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