Friday, March 18, 2011

~Everything old is new again....

Vintage Dress...Thrifted and sleeves altered
Liz Claiborne Sweater, Chico's belt (inherited from my fabulous mom!)

Two of my favorite bloggers who wear vintage almost every day are Vintage Vixen and Pull Your Socks Up.  They are so adept at being as comfortable in vintage as most Americans are in jeans and tee shirts!  While my own personal style is no where as adventurous as theres; I must say that my passion for vintage is growing.  For a number of reasons, actually:

Vintage connects the past to the present.  My vintage clothes remind me that someone in generations before me felt lovely in our shared article.   And in that partnership, I feel connected to the past.

Vintage gets back to the basics.  What is it that most women want, in terms of style?  I think it's to feel pretty. To express themselves, to be sure.  But don't we all love FEELING pretty, even if we're the only ones who think we are?!  Vintage clothes are an ode to being pretty, because they cut through political correctness and feminism and give us permission to just be pretty - no explanations needed!

Vintage is dress up!  Like dressing up in your mom's clothes when you were a little girl and feeling so glamourous in them.  Vintage allows me to play dress up without my brain saying, "Oh please Serene!  Just grow up already!!" I am grown up!  I'm wearing this to my grown up job, thank you very much!

Vintage is current.  And this really is the most important.  With so much "vintage inspired" like Modcloth and Anthropologie, why not just go for the real thing?  Modcloth and Anthro have such beautiful pieces!  I go in an Anthropologie store and just revel in all the beauty of EVERYTHING in the store EXCEPT the prices!  When I have picked up so many gorgeous vintage pieces for a song, why go broke buying inspired when I can eat well and look pretty wearing authentic?

My next post, I'm going to give some practical tips on wearing vintage and some bloggers to check out who really master this.  What I'm wearing above is a little black dress that I finally rescued from the local Hospice Thrift store after seeing it neglected and looked over during several visits.  I shortened the sleeves and funkeyed it up a bit and it's an absolute favorite!


  1. Hi Serene, Wow...I love this is so great! I went to that new vintage thrift store Buffalo Exchange this week and it is great...check their website and see if there is one near will love it!

  2. Hey Serene! Thanks for the mention, you gorgeous girl.
    I love the dress up reference. It's so true, I think that's why I love the late 60's & early 70's clothes so much as it's the time I started toddling around wearing Mum's psychedelia and glam maxi dresses.
    Love the black with the tan leather, class with a rock chick twist! xxx

  3. Did you watch What not to Wear this week? It was about a vintage store owner who took vintage a bit too far! There is a cautionary note here--vintage head to toe can date you. there are exeptions but if you saw the show, you'll see! I used to wear a lot more vintage than I do now...can't pull it off as well.
    Love the sweater and that shaped dress is a favorite look of mine. in fact, didnt Terri have a similar styled dress on this week?

  4. "No explanations needed" - EXACTLY!!!! I think I can get away with looking like a nutty bag-lady now I'm older - isn't vintage just the best fun ever? Thank you so much for your kind words both here and on my blog Serene. Ohhhh yes and I'm loving the belt with your refashioned dress:))) xoxo

  5. Pam, Thanks! This cardigan is a favorite! I would love to check out Buffalo Exchange!

    Vix, Thanks so much! I'm now wearing all this stuff that I've always really been drawn to!

    Paula, I think you're right. Not only can it date you, you can look like you're going to a costume party! LOL I love mixing a vintage dress with modern accessories and shoes. I can't help but highlight the vintage sometimes. The crazy thing is, blogging is what really helped me feel like it's okay to wear those things that I've found myself drawn to but never had the courage to wear. I've always dressed nice, but was most of the time more concerned with an image or fitting in.

    Desiree, It IS fun!! All one has to do is read Advanced Style and see that style is about PERSONALITY, not about making legs look longer or feet look smaller. I'm loving it!

  6. Do you know that I have never once visited an Anthropologie store! I have fallen in love with pleated skirts like the skirt on the dress you are wearing and never would have guessed how lady-like they make me feel. Look forward to your next post.

  7. You look incredible! That cardigan is especially gorgeous. What a fab print! I wish I could be a vintage vixen like all of you stylish ladies, but sadly there are very few vintage shops to be found over here!


  8. Terri, Anthropologie is absolutely's an experience just to be in the store. However, it ain't cheap!! But I really do get inspired when I go in there. I'm loving the very lady like pleats you've been wearing. They are PERFECT on you!

    Leia, Thanks!! I'm loving this cardigan too! You get to "play dress up" with all of your lovely clothes. They may not be vintage, but there is such a variety of styles! You always look like a picture!

  9. My dear Serena, I have been missing some of your posts; although you are always close to my heart.
    Thank you for your kind comments, and for being always there.

  10. Gorgeous outfit... I'm trying to decide if I am more in love with the pleated skirt, or that beautiful cardigan... tough one.


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