Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~ain't she schweeeet?

Pants:  Alfani (had for a few years), Shirt:  Vintage Thrifted, Shoes:  Dana Buchman Thrifted

Okay, I realize that this outfit is positively confectionary with it's baby shower pink floraly top and white sugar pants; but what can I say?  I felt GREAT in it!  When I first saw this shirt hanging on the rack in the thrift store, I couldn't grab it fast enough!  I felt like it was such a steal, as I left the store with it firmly in my bag; I half expected a policeman to come up behind me and say, "Excuse me, ma''re under arrest for shoplifting that blouse that's in your bag!"

"But no officer, I PAID for it!  Honestly, I have a receipt!"

"Ma'am, this receipt says you paid $2 for this shirt!  That's a STEAL!  Now put your hands where I can see them and back away from the bag!"  (squelch squelch......Need some back up here!  Got a live one here!!!)

Fortunately, it didn't play out that way, but isn't that the way it feels when you just KNOW you're getting away with something (even when you're really not!)

On another note......

Style Underdog is back with her fabulous self!!  And I'm fascinated with her new set up.  It seems quite revolutionary and to be honest, pretty appealing.  "No comments, no twitter, no facebook, no events, no following, no stats, no sponsors, no ads, no responsibility."    She's calling it, a simple style diary with shoes instead of words.  I'm going to let this steep in my brain a little bit and may come back and discuss this a little more.  I think she may be onto something!


  1. Hahaha, you a re too funny!!:) I love your sense of humor.:)

    Can you PLEASE send me that shirt and any other clothes you want to avail yourself of? No, just teasing but honestly, I adore that shirt. Adore it! Beautiful!!

  2. Colleen!!! My girl!! Seriously, we should exchange addresses and send surprises! How fun would that be? I love this shirt sooooo much! I'll email you and find out your sizes. Seriously, I come across really great stuff all the time....for a song! Would love to send you some goodies!

  3. You look perfect for Easter!! I love this type of style...and the pants are an incredible fit! Good shopping!! I am still pondering what to think of Style Underdog..but I am glad she is back!!

  4. Hey Serene, I will text you my sizes and if you see items for me...I would love for you to be my personal thrift shopper as well. Colleen may have just sparked a great idea for you...make sure you include shipping in your charges!!

  5. I think that's one of the prettiest shirts I have ever seen.

    About the blog. Reading ideas, thoughts, feelings, and even explanations is what I go to other blogs for. Please don't stop writing.

  6. Pam, I would love to do that! Actually, I often see items from Chicos that prompt me to think, "Oh my gosh! Pam would LOVE this!" I think I've got a handle on your style from reading your blog so much! This sounds fun!

    Judy, THAT'S the part I kind of can't give up. I love to write!

    Jess! Thanks!!!

  7. The colors and sweetness of the outfit suit your personality: this look expresses who you are beautifully. And I love your big smile!

  8. Serene~You look like a summers it.
    hmmmm on the Style Underdog note...lets dish on FB....

  9. thanks for yuor comment!:)
    your blog is so cute..
    if you want you'll be my follower:)

  10. haha -- I have found things at thrift stores that I have to look furtively all around because I can't believe that they are going to let me buy it for what it says on the price tag. cute post. enjoyed reading it.

  11. I think this is a fab Easter shirt and I had a good ole giggle about your "brush" with the law;). I've often felt that way about bargains - I keep thinking that someone's going to say at the checkout "oh this is the one the owner wants back" - WHAT???!!! xoxoxo

  12. Is this shirt a fine cotton or a silk? In either case, it is beautiful on you.

    Style Underdog's new approach would be slightly frustrating to me, I think.

  13. That top is sooo pretty! I am just loving the color.



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