Sunday, April 3, 2011

~Well Hello Mr. Kors!

All Thrifted....leather skirt, white Liz Claiborne blouse, misc. tie, Michael Kors clogs
All thrifted, Vintage altered dress ( refashioned sleeves.....used to be long sleeve), thrifted sweater, thrifted Michael Kors clogs

Dress, vintage thrifted and refashioned.  Jessica Simpson belt and thrifted Michael Kors clogs

All Thrifted.  Vintage Gold body suit, thrifted skirt, vintage Doncaster belt, thrifted Michael Kors clogs

My fabulous thrifted $3.50 suede Michael Kors clogs!

A little over a week ago, my wonderful older sister came to visit me and we went to the Goodwill in Shelby.  She also wanted to go by the Celebrity Consignment store that I talk so much about.  I just hit the jackpot at the Goodwill!  I found these amazing Michael Kors black suede clogs (I had been wanting a pair of black clogs).  They were hardly worn at all!  So seeing as it was cold last week, I decided I was going to take advantage of the last bit of cold weather we were to have (fingers crossed...figuratively, not literally!) and wear the HECK out of these clogs.  I'm loving them with jet black tights!!  It's amazing how great everything looks with black legs!

When my sister and I were treasure hunting at the Goodwill, she insisted that she did not buy second hand shoes.  She just couldn't wrap her head around the idea of wearing someone else's shoes.  She found some great boots and I could tell her resolve was waning.  To put her mind at ease I said, "Think of it this way, Verena.  If you've EVER gotten a pair of shoes from me; you've already worn second hand shoes!  And possibly 3rd and 4th hand because if they came from me, you have no IDEA where those things have come from!"  That said, she picked up 2 pair of boots and a pair of heels!!!  For about $20 she found such amazing things that are actually better than what she would have found in a department store.

I also picked up a pair of BCBG leather platform wedges in the coolest saffron color.  Again, they were almost like new and just my size! 

Just about everything above is thrifted and/or vintage.  And I can honestly say that I LOVE each look!  Have you ever scored something ridiculously amazing on one of your treasure hunts?


  1. Oh how I love the Shelby Goodwill :) I love that they are redoing the entire needed a face lift :)

  2. Jess, YES IT DID! It was so funny, there were no mirrors in the dressing rooms! My sister and I looked at eachother and said, "What the heck are we gonna do?!" We just decided to be each other's mirrors and tell each other if something looked good or not. Worked out great!!

  3. Serene...I also love all of the looks! Number one is my favorite..I do not know if you put it first because it was your tops as well!! I just love the tie and the leather skirt!! I just purchased a pair of M. Kors platforms at a resale shop! I was surprised at how comfortable they are!! You made a great choice!

  4. How can your sister argue with reasoning like yours? I have a black leather skirt that I haven't screwed up the courage to wear...but seeing you in one helps my resolve. I'm admiring both of the dresses you've featured. Lucky find on the clogs.

  5. I'm pretty sure I couldn't walk comfortably in those clogs, but I DO love them. Once again, I marvel at how well you ladies thrift. Wish I could accompany you on a trip!

  6. Yay for you for talking your sis into changing her mind!!! I love it when people "switch sides":))). Now look here you gorgeous hotness - how amaaaaaazing do you look in the first outfit - oh yes you do!!!!!!! I might have to pull out my men's tie in your honour. And what a fabulous score with the shoes - they are utterly fabulous and perfect on you:). I think my fave thrifted finds would have to be my 1950s beaded cardis and 1960s sequinned shell tops. When I spot amazing bargains I wish I could reach for the smelling salts. xoxo

  7. Boy are you lucky. I have yet to find a thrift store here that has nice things.

  8. What great find you luck girl Love the first outfit!! as you know my love of look beautiful in all of the outfits.

  9. You have found some wonderful things thrifting. I'm pretty new to it. I think my best find was a fur vest that I got in Alaska for $60.00.

  10. My fave is the red dress actually! Guess I am in the minority. You really got lucky--must have been in the stars as I was very lucky today thrifting. Stay tuned....Love Paula

  11. Pam, I actually loved number one also! I'm so glad you found some M. Kors at a reasonable price.

    Terri, I can't WAIT to see you in your leather skirt. A great accessory for a leather skirt is ATTITUDE!! Once the leather hits the skin, you'll have it in spades!

    Anne, just come on down! I'd love to take you thrifting with me!

    Socks, I could sooooo see you in a mens' wear! You have such a Marlene Detrich look to you! Classic!

    Judy, I absolutely FEEL lucky! Again, just come on down and shop with me!

    Wobi, you really look fabulous in the ties!

    Carole, I had a chance to visit your blog. Welcome to blogging! The fur vest sounds wonderful!

    Paula, I can't wait to see your thrift finds! You are so artistic, you'll make them your own!

  12. Great finds! The shoes are so fun and I love the unexpected color. I like the turquoise dress, bun and jewelry look so much. (I think your hair looks great in the bun photo, but I totally put on big earrings to serve as distraction on days I'm not loving my hair!)


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