Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~Channeling Little Miss Fancie Pants!

Skirt:  Thrifted White House Black Market, Vest & Shirt:  Thrifted, Shoes:  Thrifted, Necklaces:  one set real pearls inherited from my mom and the longer from JC Penny

When I took a look at the pictures of me in this outfit, I thought, "What does this remind me of?  HMMMMM?"  And then it hit me!  Susan, of Little Miss Fancie Pants!!  Susan is like a modern day Grace Kelly.  She's always impeccably dressed and an aura of royalty about her.    Susan is one of the first bloggers I "met" when I started blogging.  She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and I love that her photos are transparent (okay, not literally!); she just is who she is and I can tell she gets a kick out of dressing up.  I love that about her!

This entire outfit is thrifted, with the exception of the jewelry.  I can't even imagine how much the skirt would retail for.  I love White House Black Market, but MAN, it can be on the pricey side!  It just goes to show you.....thrifting isn't all about vintage, even though that's what I'm really drawn to.  Thrifting is just about being wise with your dollars and still getting things you love just as you would in a department store!


  1. This outfit is beautiful!! Just stunning...and I agree, the store is expensive, but finding the thrift items is so much fun. I have not looked at her blog..I will today!!

  2. Love this look! skirt beautiful. Hugs, Anne

  3. Pam, THANKS! She's a sweetie!

    Anne, Thanks so much!

  4. Hey Gf! Love the b&w skirt--will check out lil miss's blog also.
    lets dish~Paula

  5. The accessories around your neck are making me swoon!!!!!

  6. You look so elegant Serene! I just love the whole look!


  7. Paula, I MISS YOU!!! We HAVE to catch up and SOON!

    Reva, Normally, I'm not a pearly kind of girl, but I do love these babies!

    Leia, thanks girly!

  8. That's a beautiful Skirt!!! And all the fabulousness of your necklaces is making be envious! :)

    ♡ from ©

  9. I like how loyal you are to thrifting.I like the vest and the skirt a lot .There is a lot of potential in both pieces!They seem good quality ,too.

  10. I love the way you look- so classy and sassy! The skirt is amazing, and I like you love to find deals like this at a thrift store. I recently scored a WHBM fun fur shrug- an amazing piece for only 10 bucks. whoot!

  11. serene ~ first, wow! thank you for the fabulous comments. you are such a doll! i can only imagine that if we lived in the same city, we'd definitely be thrifting and sale shopping to our hearts' content. second, your outfit is GORGEOUS. i love the short sleeve blouse paired with the sweater vest, and that skirt is fantastic, plus the peep toes...swoon. it is a LMFP outfit for sure! ~ susan

  12. This is a gorgeous skirt...thrifting is having a good eye for the right pieces. This is simply beautiful.

  13. Tanvi, thanks so much! I visited your blog today and you have such a cute style!

    Shy, THANKS!!

    Angie, at this point, I'm completely devoted to thrifting and thrifting for wonderful items!

    Bella, I can so see you in whbm clothes! The black and white looks great on you but I still say that RED is your color!

    Susan, you inspire me! That would be so much fun if we lived closer!

    Terri, Thanks so much! This skirt to me is just a work of art! When I'm done with it, I can put it around my Christmas tree!!!

  14. great pictures!!xx

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  15. great thrift find! loving the skirt!


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