Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~color me Depends.....

Skirt (worn as dress):  Vintage Koret, Thrifted ~  Jacket:  JC Penny   ~ Shoes & Belt:  Franco Sarto and Michael Kors     via TJ Maxx

As I age, I become a target.  Seems like I'm a target to alot of things: Cereal, teeth whitening, line fillers, cleaners, pet supplies, spanx, support bras..... but not so much the fashion industry.    In fact, you know who's targeting me NOW?  DEPENDS undergarments!!!  THOSE commercials show an middle age woman (40ish) sashaying down the street, swinging her purse with a look of satisfaction on her face.  And why?  Because she feels completely secure and pretty in her fashion colored Depends undergarments for light bladder leakage protection!!!  Yeah, you're REALLLLLY luring me in there, Depends!  I guess you figure, "At her age, the last thing on her mind is pretty shoes.  She's just trying to keep from PEEING herself!" 

So why am I not looked at as a prize by the fashion industry?  Probably because I'm not as impressionable as I used to be.   I'll be honest.  When I was younger, I was much more easily swayed by labels and what was popular in fashion magazines.  If I had the money, I'd spend it on trendy shoes or the latest cropped pants.  Heck, who didn't want to look like Madonna? !  My whole Dion's Pizza paycheck on rubber bracelets and lace leggings?  YOU GOT IT!  That was NOT. A. PROBLEM!   But now, I'm much less impressionable.  It's going to take much more than a pretty girl in the latest overpriced frock to make me part with my cash.    I no longer want so badly to look like someone I'm not, and frankly that makes me a good bit more difficult to market to.    

I love that about maturity.  Sure, television, magazines, media tells you you're past your prime; but I just smile knowingly to myself. Past my prime?!  I'm just getting started!  I'm just figuring out who I am.  I'm enjoying the lessons that my more impressionable years taught me.  My best years are still ahead and that's FABULOUS because NOW is pretty amazing anyway!  

So Mr Marketing Exec,  don't waste your advertising money trying to get me to purchase overpriced trinkets and handbags and make me believe it's going to change my life.  I'll keep my life how it is and YOU keep the CHANGE! 



  1. I am sharing you same thoughts.
    You look stunning!!!

  2. You look very elegant in that LBD and I love the knife pleated skirt!

  3. This is so true, Serene. It takes a lot of mistakes, but we finally get smarter. Also, there are many products that age prevents me from purchasing...alot of makeup I do not want on my face; or food products on my hips; or high heels on my feet...you get my drift!! But, the good news is that you look beautiful and sexy in this dress!! A gorgeous look and I am certain, Depends-free!!

  4. Ahh serene, you always make me laugh! So true, from you and Pam--we are just too old for a lot of that crap! Altho, sometimes I must catch myself~
    Love the black with the light leather sandals--its the juxtaposition too of the silk with the leather--love it! Love, Paula

  5. I so Agree with you, as I age I am looking for stylish with out the big price tag.. You look stunning in that skirt made to a dress. I had to look again do a double take when I read that. It looks so good as a dress. Hugs

  6. Thanks for the get well wishes
    Really like the belt twist you did here and love the shoes

  7. I love black and brown together like this, you totally rocked the colors right! Oh and CMYK is used in color printing on some of the graphic design software that I use for class hehe

  8. I love black and brown together like this, you totally rocked the colors right! Oh and CMYK is used in color printing on some of the graphic design software that I use for class hehe.

  9. You look beautiful Serene and that advertisement is absolute nonsense! I snorted with laughter in an unladylike manner at your description of it though.:) Come on!

    I love what you say about being less impressionable. That is such a great place to be and really so very much more interesting!

    Hope you have a lovely day! (Gone off Fb now by the way and back to a bit of writing...it seems to be one or the other for me.:)

  10. Sacramento, Thanks my friend!

    Veshoevius, thanks much!

    Pam, WOW! It's amazing how much we learn from mistakes, eh? For most of my life, I've never learned an easy lesson! LOL I think I may be a bit hard headed!

    Paula, LOL When I wrote this I thought, "Okay, now if I sneeze or laugh too hard, oops! I'm in trouble!"

    Ann, this skirt was all of 50 cents and truly it's worth a heck of alot more!!! It's just so great! Glad you like it!

    Brett, thanks so much! This belt is a favorite!

    Brittany, thanks! I was wondering what that stood for!

    Colleen, just make sure that as you age, when you snort with laughter you don't piddle yourself! LOL My husband gets me to laughing so hard, I'm screaming, "Stop, I'm going to piddle!!"

  11. serene, this is great! i was laughing so hard reading this post. i LOVE this dress (f/k/a skirt) - it looks amazing on you and the contrast with the black and camel is my latest obsession. i love the pleats and how drapy it is ~ it's very sexy 70s to me. i must steal this look...er, borrow, i mean. you look gorgeous!! and the shoes are fabulous! ~ susan

  12. the pleats! heaven.
    and your marketing analysis is SPOT ON! i needed depends when i was pregnant! why don't they market them for pregnant ladies?

  13. Susan, Thanks! I'm all about the 70s!!

    Heidi, Oh my gosh!! My babies were just KICKING my bladder around!

  14. Ha, I often look at the spam that finds its way into my e-mail box and wonder a similar thing! Women our age probably are a tough marketing nut to crack.

    Is this a skirt? It looks great as a dress.


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