Saturday, April 9, 2011

~Man's world.....MY pants!

Blouse:  Vintage Thrifted and altered, Trousers:  Vintage Men's & Thrifted, Shoes & Belt:  Thrifted

It's probably pretty obvious by now that I don't wear alot of pants.  It's not that I don't like pants.  Mostly, it's that I don't like them on me most of the time.  It's difficult for me to find pants that I really like the way they fit.  I have muscular legs (translated:  not skinny) and full hips.  I've tried on TONS of pants and it seems like they're either too big, or too tight in the legs and back side.  OR I just don't like how they look on. 

What's tricky about pants is that when I try them on in the dressing room, they may look great.  So I  plop my money down for them, excited to have found the elusive perfect fit; only to find that when I wear them and actually MOVE in them for more than 15 minutes, the fit and look change dramatically.  How they hang when they're first worn is NOT how they end up looking by the middle of the day.

I've decided that I prefer trousers over pants and MAYBE an occasional pair of jeans.  I like the looseness of the trouser fit without it being baggy.  And just between us girls, am I the ONLY female out there who seems to get the dreaded muffin top with these lower rise pants?  When I was in FL, I found some pants for my husband while thrifting.  When they were a bit small on him, I tried them on and really liked (for the most part) how they fit.  So then, I decided to start checking out the mens' pants section whenever I hit the thrift stores. 

I found these vintage men's trousers last week at my favorite vintage haunt!  As soon as I tried them on, I petted them and told them they were coming home.  We bonded right there in the tiny dressing room and I have to tell you, it was quite a beautiful moment!  I love how high waisted they are!!  They still have the previous owner's name tagged on the inside.  I think they may have been made for him because there is not tag at all of any kind.  Well, Mr. Foster, thank you for donating your old pants!  I hope they made you as happy as they are making me now!  Rest assured they will be well taken care of. 

I'm onto something ladies!  It's the mens' trouser department for me from now on!!  By the way, isn't this little blouse a dream?  I cut off the long sleeves to a better length and replaced a  button.  I just adore the metallic thread running through it!


  1. You did the right thing to pet these and bond with them...they look amazing on you and I really like the top. This is one of my favorite looks on your blog and get that, its pants!!!

  2. You look great in these pants.

    And if you can shop in the men's department, does that mean I can shop in...

  3. I seriously have the same problem with pants so your idea is a great one! These ones look very elegant and classy...just made for you!

  4. Pam, I'm so glad this is one of your favorites! I love my skirts and dresses, but it IS really nice to do the trouser thing!

    Shy, you crack me up! I think you should do a post about that....maybe how women try to feminize mens' wear, you can masculanize womens' wear! I'm seeing you in a dress and biker boots!

    Colleen, this was absolutely serendipity (love that word!). But what a great accident! I'm thinking that if I can find one pair of men's trousers a month, in no time I'll have a great collection!

  5. hmmmm Serene, you really have me thinking. You look so Katherine Hepburn in those mens trousers! I too, have problems with pants and trousers--I have trouble with the fit. This may be an option for me too--thanks so much GF! Love, Paula

  6. Uh-oh, does hubby know who is wearing the pants now?

    Kidding aside, I like high-waisted trousers and never did stop wearing them...throughout the whole low-rise trend. I have a pair of my husband's that he's outgrown...

  7. I rarely wear pants either. I prefer dresses and skirts and find them more flattering and more comfortable. And, I never saw my grandmother in a pair of pants my entire life, so I like to think it runs in the family!
    You look pretty! I love the shoes you chose for these trousers. The open toe is perfect.

  8. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Those are the most sensational pants ever! Isn't it amazing when we find something "new" that's been staring us in the face all along? I've recently discovered men's vintage pants too and I cannot say enough good things about them. Aside from the cut, they have really roomy pockets and they aren't too tight around the crotch or waistband. Yay!!!! I love lurex thread and your top is delish with the pants! xoxo

  9. Oh I love this outfit! The shimmer alongside the masculine trousers hits just the right note. I would never think you are a non-pants wearer from this example!

  10. Paula, I never would have known that you had the same issue with trousers. You have the best body for ALL clothes!

    Terri, LOL I had to stop myself from making that same joke!

    Vanessa, I've noticed that about your style. And I LOVE it! My mom always said that ever since I was a little girl, I would cry if she tried to put pants on me. She said I always wanted to wear a dress and carry a "pocketbook" (southern vernacular for "purse")

    Desiree, You're absolutely right!! When you think about it, alot of womens' pants are EXTREMELY uncomfortable in the crotchical area!

    Trophy, Thanks so much!! I was thinking the same thing when I put this really pretties up the trousers. Thanks for stopping by and now I'm off to visit your blog!

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