Thursday, April 28, 2011

~the things you hear.....

All Thrifted, Skirt is Vintage and FABULOUS!

All Thrifted, Shoes:  Thrifted and BCBG Girls, Top: Vintage

Weellllllllllll, here we are knocking on the door of Friday!  I hope she answers quickly!  I really hate to wish my life away looking forward to a future time, but every now and then, you just really get antsy for that day off!

I live in a very interesting area of the country.  My county's motto is "Small Town Friendly" and it really is! The atmosphere here is just very much Mayberry with a touch of Peyton place for good measure.  Southern accents abound and so does the famous Southern hospitality.  There is so little by way of entertainment in our community.  Friday night at the local Walmart is always fascinating!  It's the town "hot spot"!

Here in my little neck of the woods, I hear such interesting things.  While waiting to pick up my kids at the bus stop, I overheard a group of elementary school girls talking and giggling while waiting on their parents.  I hear the shrill excited voice of one little girl (about 7 years old maybe) animatedly telling her friends in the sweetest country drawl, "My daddy wanted to name me after his ex-girlfriend!".  She said this a number of times over the din of the other girls yelling and giggling.  Finally, lounder than everyone, she gets their attention.  Jumping up and down she enthused, "My daddy wanted to name me after his ex-girlfriend!  But my Momma said, 'NO WAAAAAAAAAAAY'!"  Now if you can picture this with a high pitched crescendoing "WAAAAAAAAAY!"  I thought I'd fall out of my car!  When I got home and told my husband, we were both almost crying.  Now, everytime one of says something the other disagrees with; in our highest soprano voice we sing, "No WAAAAAAAAY!"

There is a place that we like to go to for breakfast in a neighboring town.  It's a little cafe that specializes in "liver mush", a local unique food favorite.  It sounds gross, but I promise it's WONDERFUL in a "we're starving and there's a dead pig laying around, so let's scrape out his innards and mix them with cornmeal, fry it and slap it on a biscuit!" sort of way.  It's always a treat for us to have breakfast there as it's where everyone in the town seems to converge.  The last two times we've been there, I've had to go to the restroom immediately following a gorge-er-ific breakfast.  So, in the two stall bathroom, I head to the one vacant stall.  I sit down and all of a sudden I hear a voice say, "I like your shoes".  I look around, for a moment assured that God is giving me a verbal blessing on my shoe obsession.  But this could only be true if God speaks with a twangy female voice.  Then when the voice repeats, "I like your shoes.  I used to be able to wear heels like that." Now  I reply, "Oh, Thanks!  I love them!"  And so begins my conversation and association with the Shelby Cafe Bathroom woman.  The only contact that I have is her twangy voice and her geriatric feet planted about 18 inches apart  right behind the closed stall door.  Our conversation ends with me washing my hands and bidding the feet and voice "farewell". 

Several weeks later, we were back for breakfast again.  Again, I head to the bathroom after eating.  Go into the same stall.  And guess what?  A faceless twangy voice speaks to me, "It just BOTHERS me when people leave toilet paper on the floor!"  No, this is not God giving me the 11th commandment.  It's HER!  What are the odds?!?  Me:  "Pardon me?"  Voice:  "I just hate it when people leave toilet paper on the floor!  People should pick up their mess".  Me:  "Oh, I know what you mean...(reaching down picking up the stray ribbon of toilet paper between our stalls).  And then begins another conversation that ends again with the washing of my hands and me leaving her like I found her once again........firmly lodged behind the stall door.


  1. Little girls are so cute.. Looking super sexy in the smile and those clothes. And let's just talk about the shoes for a minute! so fab..

  2. Thanks for the several laughs this morning! I love your stories.

    I saw a TV program about liver mush recently...was it an episode of Man s. Food? Something like that. Do you eat yours with grape jelly or mustard?

  3. Hahaha Serene! That is hilarious about your encounters with the bathroom stall lady.:) I grew up in a tiny little town so I know what you mean to some extent!

    Both outfits are beautiful but that first one is simply amazing! The colors are so vibrant!

  4. LMAO! I think the lady must work there and talking to strangers. NO WAAAAAY! Hilarious. thanks for sharing your small town flavor, but I am so going to pass on the liver mush.

    I will take a second helping however to your beautiful circle skirt and diamond bright smile! xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  5. The bathroom stall stories made me laugh out loud. I don't know that I would ever start a conversation up with someone in the next stall, but I don't know that I could refuse if they did either.

    Loving both these outfits, but that top one is perfection.

  6. You are on fire today Serene!! You've got me rollicking here - I LOVE your description of liver mush - hilarious! Actually I think I would enjoy eating that, I grew up on pauper food and to me, it's comfort eating. I cannot believe you got the same lady in the bathroom twice - no frickin' way!!! xoxo

  7. You are so funny!! I wish I had read this in the morning and not the is good to start with a smile...but Your first outfit really makes me smile...I love the colors!! You are a personification of a color wheel!!!
    Love it and you!!!

  8. gorgeous
    love this post!


  9. the vintage skirt in the first photo is insanely fabulous!

  10. yup, you've got me laughing here again GF--I can picture it all and almost taste that liver mush.

    And just love that circle skirt too! Love to see the color! And those shoes! love~me

  11. the bathroom conversation...too funny. I always think about this on campus--women in their stalls talking on their cell phones as though they have all the privacy in the world and then the toilets flush.

  12. I like when you give us glimpses of your part of the world.Your story was well written and the old lady a very interesting character.You should try and write a book.


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