Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Black and White of Things

There are no words that could do justice to my love of black and white. Someone could tell me today, "Serene, from now on, you can only wear black and white and shades of both, but no color" and I'd say, "No worries! I got this!" If you look in my closet, there's not a ton of color and not a ton of bright colors. I find that I tire of those quickly. Often, I see splashes of color more as a spotlight rather than the stage. It's crazy because I can see very colorful things on others and LOVE the look, but on myself, it just doesn't feel right. And you know, I'm all about the feelings!



I felt soooooo elegant in this outfit. You'd have to see the jacket close up, but the detail is just really pretty. It's Elie Tahari that I bought brand new in a consignment store for only $5! It had the smallest tears along a seam in the back, but I just repaired those and VOILA! Good to go! Also, the top originally had a slightly elasticized panel along the bottom. Everytime I saw the top in my closet, I would think, "Awww....this is such a pretty top. I can wear this with...." and then I'd see that panel and the blousy effect and leave it alone. I finally decided I had nothing to lose and just cut that thing right off! I'm so glad I did! I used pinking shears and now I'm reaching for this top much more often with no hesitation!


Jacket...... Elie Tahari via consignment store ($5)

Belt......Doncaster Tanner($10?)

Shoes......Thrifted ($5)

Pants......Anne Klein hand me down from my aunt

Even Michael loves black and white!


  1. Love the Ellie Tahari Jacket--what a score! You did wonders for that top and it all looks great!

    As for me, hardly ever wear black and white--I'm all about the color!

  2. I love the top and your little alteration worked wonders.

    Grey, which is my go to color, must be my compromise with your black and white.

  3. I love that top - what a great idea by cutting off that elastic band. I have a top I'm going to try that with and see what happens. It's a great outfit! ~ Susan


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