Friday, September 24, 2010

Keeping it Simple....

Everything I have on today is thrifted. I did not realize it until I had already dressed, but what a cute look for what? $12? I find myself wearing things lately that just make me FEEL pretty. I felt so demure and delicate in this outfit, and as anyone who knows me can testify....I am NEITHER. Of course, I do keep trying to convince my husband that I'm a delicate flower! It's hard to make that believable when I've assumed the hands-on-hips-stomping-right-foot posture!




On a side note, look at the difference between the first and second pictures. The first one is so much more flattering and the only thing that's different is how I'm standing. I am the marketing manager for a large gym where I live, and I'm around body issues daily. In fact, alot of the writing I do is dealing with with health and fitness. These pics really drove home the fact that pictures can be deceiving and completely relative. The only way I've even been able to do this blog at all is to absolutely give up the right to pick myself apart. I have to be honest, it's quite liberating!

Now, stepping down off my soap box (weight and body images really get me going!) and going to get ready for my Friday. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! By the way, Saturday night I'm getting together with some girlfriends and we're having a clothing exchange.....details and pictures to follow.

Top......Thrifted ($3.79)

Skirt......Banana Republic via thrifted ($3.79 - I had to take it in a bit but soooo worth it!)

Belt......Thrifted ($1)

Shoes......Nine West via Thrifted ($3.50)


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for following my blog and commenting. I'm following back :)!

  2. New reader here. I like your look and would really look forward to hearing what you have to say about body image.


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