Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Love is BACK!

Oh Yeah! I'm back in love with my outfit! This is just soooooooo ME! I was actually inspired by a Bjorn ad that I saw in a magazine. Long flowy skirt, blouse, sweater and fitted belt. So, this is my version.




I felt FABULOUS in this! These are the highest shoes that I have, quite vertiginous (that's a word I seldom get to use!). I actually started to get rid of them last year because they aren't the most comfortable and I didn't wear them that much last year. My daughter talked me out of it and I'm so glad. So, I feel like I'm back on my game! I also have some creative stuff coming up that I'm really excited about.

Top......Thrifted ($3.79)

Camisole......White House Black Market

Skirt......Gift from my aunt

Belt......Chicos via Inherited from my mom

Shoes......TJ Maxx

Because I'm back in love!


  1. I'm glad to hear that someone besides myself is sometimes inspired by ads! And definitely yes to the shoes!

  2. you really can pull off this outfit! I have my misgivings about doing the Bjorn thing--but maybe I will try....

    LOVE THE MUSIC! My son and I were boogie'n--soul train--love it!


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