Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maturing Style

As I rapidly approach my 44th birthday, (less than 2 weeks away), I'm pondering my present style as opposed to "back in the day". Back in the day, I was all over the place. As a little girl, I completey emulated my mother. She was the coolest in her bell bottom jeans, butterfly sleeve tops and platform sandals. As a teenager, I just wanted to look like everyone else.....preppy, pink izods, penny loafers and dotted ribbons. As a college student in the mid 80s, I wanted to look like the MTV set. Out came the extreme layered hair styles, the tail, HUGE doorknocker earrings and anything lace! Next life phase, young wife and mother. "Well hello conservative dowdy phase, let's hope you won't be staying long! Make yourself uncomfortable!" Now here I am, on the cusp of mid 40s with kids mostly grown and getting settled in my style while still allowing it to elvolve.

Actually, one of the great things about aging is accepting the you that you've gotten to know. I'm much kinder to 43 year old Serene than I ever was to 23 year old Serene. THAT Serene couldn't do anything right and I let her know it every step of the way! Whew! It's a wonder she made it through! You know what else I love? I love that I no longer use clothes as camoflage, covering a wide hip or creating an illusion of a bountiful chest (never really mastered that!). My closet is my friend now. I've let go of anything that doesn't make me feel fabulous. Too tight jeans? Not gonna diet to keep you, so you're outta here! Size 6 that I squeezed into 2 summers ago? Yeeeaaaahhhh, that was never meant to last. I break with thee size 6! I refuse to wring my hands over what either doesn't fit, or what looks great on my daughter but like a joke on me. At 43, I'm real with myself. I adore thigh high boots, but I'm probably never going to wear them. I wouldn't feel like "Serene" (that's what I call myself because, well, that's my name). As I age, being true to myself is more important than looking young, being trendy or looking like the woman in the magazine.

My mother had such a beautiful style. She was so youthful all the way up until her death. Her uniform? Jeans and a tee shirt and she made it look movie star glamorous. Blue jeans and a Baby Phatt tee looked great on her because that's who she was. She wore what she liked and had an innate sense of what was appropriate for her. I try to have that same sense. If I like it and I feel great in it, I wear it. So far, I've had to reel myself back in every now and then. I can go a bit crazy loving a look on someone and trying to make it work on me. *Refer back to thigh high boots. But, I love that I'm cofortable with my style and comfortable enough to enjoy other's as well. Where I used to imitate, I now gain inspiration. Where I used to force a look, I now modify and come up with my version. Yeah. (Nodding my head with a knowing look) I'm actually loving celebrating another year of being me. Getting to know myself better all the time!


  1. Serena--my own mother, although very supportive of MY efforts to look attractive, has had a weight problem for most of her adult life. We could share shoes and sometimes accessories.

    I hear you though on the lines we've drawn between fashion and our sense of self.

    Fashion over Fifty is probably going to insist on a photo of you in those boots--perhaps taken in the shoe store. THEN, you should decide. :)

  2. My mother was so ridiculously tiny. I would joke with her as I pointed to her nonexistent stomach, "How did all this (talking about myself) come out of there?!" She was very subdued in her style, but it really suited her.

    Oh man, I did love me some thigh high boots and I was oh so close to buying them, but I knew in my heart, I really wouldn't wear them. Well, maybe juuuust the right pair!

  3. Ha, in spite of my mother's weight problem, I have had the same fascination with the thought that I emerged from her body!


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