Friday, September 10, 2010

What I love about...

I've been coming across some great blogs lately. Now that I've completely embraced my inner ham fashionista, I have found that there are many others of my kind out there! I AM NOT ALONE! There are different things I love about each of them, so I'm putting the link and what I love about each one.

Kansas Couture - I love this girl!  She is so gamine and fresh!  I'm not sure her name, but her blog is filled with creative ideas.  What I love about her and what honestly keeps me checking her blog is her thrifting.  Most of what she puts together is done with thrifted items.  She is a girl after my own heart.  Most of us, if we could spend alot of money, could put together cute outfits.....not necessarily alot of creativity required.  But to go treasure hunting and take something that others bypass and make it current........ahhhh....that's something special!

New Dress A Day - To be honest, this one is actually a personal favorite.  Her name is Marisa and she is one of the most clever women!  She scours thrift stores and purchases some pretty funky stuff.  I mean, so many times I'll look at the picture of the item "before" and think, "There is NOTHING that can be done with this!".  And wouldn't you know it?  She turns it into to something really fabulous using only a seam ripper, sewing machine and at times safety pins.  She's inspired me to take a look at what I already have and find new ways to style it or modify it.  I'll be showing what I did to a plain brown Coach purse soon....but absolutely Marisa was my inspiration.  Also, she just seems to be such a sweet person....a girl's girl.  I like that about her!

What I Wore - This is Jessica, and frankly she is just so pretty and delicate.  What I love about her blog is that her style is really can tell she doesn't try too hard.  I get the feeling that the pictures she takes really are of just her about to start her day and I'm always excited to see her blog and see what she's wearing!  Her pictures are so great, makes me want to get a better quality camera!  In time.....In time....

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