Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Besties!

In the short time I've been blogging, I've made some really wonderful friends. These are all interesting women, most of whom have completely different styles than I, and they inspire me every time I read their posts. They encourage, excite, influence and motivate me, much like my face to face friends. Paula of Fashion over Fifty always has a kind word and I feel like we're kindred spirits....eager to follow our passion after years of doing what was expected. She and I have connected via email and I feel like if I got to see her tomorrow, we'd have hours of conversation. Terri of Rags Against the Machine is absolutely inspiring and ALWAYS makes me think. She has the kindest most gentle writing style, as if she could tell you ANYTHING and you'd take it like a compliment. She, Terri and I are all now facebook friends and it's fabulous to be able to see their families and be a part of their lives. I'm also beginning to get to know Vanessa of Big Girl, Small Budget, Tiny Town. I LOVE Vanessa's fearless sense of fashion. There seems to be nothing that she shies away from. And I hope she wouldn't mind me saying this, but I think that I see natural gray in her hair and it's stunning on her. I've elected not to color my gray, hoping for a shock white streaking across my temples, and it's refreshing to see someone else feeling comfortable to go au naturale! Then there's Devilishly Pleasureable. I wish I knew her first name. Devilish is as chic as one can possibly be and so down to earth. While she has every reason to be a style snob, she is quite the opposite....approachable, kind, and liberal with compliments. She's just a girl's girl and I love that about her. As long as I'm going international, Leia, of Leia's Delights feels like who I would have been in another life. She is so feminine and pretty, and I just love reading about what interesting thing she's doing. Leia visits my blog often and is always so kind and encouraging with her comments. Finally, I have to mention Pull your Socks Up!, an amazing and fun woman with style enough for TEN women! She's fun, fearless and I love that she doesn't even consider letting her age stop her from dressing just how she wants. My list of BBFs (Best Blog Friends) is growing...Terri and Paula feel like more than friends, but comrades and long lost sisters. Thank you to all of you for being there. YOU GET ME! And I like to think I get you too!

Regarding my outfit, this is a vintage dress from the seventies. I hemmed up about 3 inches and absolutely LOVE it. Now this outfit FEELS like me. Yesterday's was iffy, but today I felt spot on. I love days like this!





Belt...... Doncaster Tanner

Boots......Inherited from my fabulous mother!

Dedicated to my blogging friends. I'm glad to know you! After having met the lovely Ms. Dionne Warwick just a few weeks ago, she is still just as beautiful!


  1. You are an absolutely delightful breath of fresh air Serene - that's why we keep coming back for more! I'll be checking out a couple of your besties that I haven't seen around before - love the style and writing of several of your faves. Thank you so much for your kind words *blush*. As for your dress - talk about Woman in Red - WOW!!! I love that shade on you, your eyes and hair are shining and you look invincible! xoxo

  2. I feel so lucky WE FOUND EACH OTHER GIRLFRIEND!!!! I'm getting all misty.....
    Oh, yeah, the outfit! Love the boots! Terri is probably getting even more ideas.....
    Belt is awesome too. The dress reminds me of something I can't put my finger on..very cute.

  3. Serene--I love this belt!

    Thank you for the mention...I had been thinking of doing a post on my "inner circle" too. If a day goes by that you and Paula don't visit, I begin to worry.

    I still think we three need to hop a plane and go VISIT Socks!

    And Paula, the boots are why Serene feels so right today.

  4. Terri, a plane trip to see Socks sounds wonderful! We'd have a BLAST! Paula, glad to see you're easily moved to tears like I am! LOL Socks, you're just too sweet, as of these days we're going to visit and let you style us Socks style!

  5. What a sweet post this was :)

    I really like the colour of your dress, the burgandy goes well with your colouring & dark hair.

    Thanks for your comment (it made me realize I needed to ammend the last paragraph) on my post, and I'm glad to hear other people's thoughts on it.

  6. Oh, geez. I'm feeling all sappy and warm and fuzzy. Thanks for including me on this list of other fabulous females. I've gotten to know Paula a bit, too, and find inspiration from both of you.
    You're striped dress is so cute and I adore that you've belted it. Such a great way to update a vintage look!
    Oh, and, yes: I'm graying! Eek! I found my first silver at age 23. That was 8 years ago, and I've just been either in denial or too lazy and not willing to make the financial commitment to color it every couple months. So, for now I'm goin' with the gray!


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