Sunday, November 28, 2010

THIS is why I Vintage!


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I actually could have entitled this, “Why I love thrifting” but after my little haul this weekend, I’m saving that for another post.  So, this is why I love vintage.  Vintage clothes have a history.  They’ve lived before, loved before and in most cases probably made some woman (or cross dresser) very happy!  I love that I get to share that.  I know that there’s a very environmentally conscious side to thrifting and vintaging – the whole downplaying consumerism and decreasing the demand for NEW all the time.  But for me, it’s an appreciation of history….a continuity in beauty.  What was beautiful 20, 30 or more years ago is still just as beautiful today; the passage of time not diminishing it’s charm.  Aren’t women the same way?  Time has seasoned us and hopefully as we age, our beauty is more unique and more evident. 

When I put this lovely dress on today, I couldn’t help but wonder if the original owner was as in love with all the details and the print as I am.  Did she feel as pretty as I did when she wore it?  Is she even still alive?  Wherever she is, maybe we’re both a little connected through this dress that we both were drawn to.  After all, we’re all a part of the “sisterhood”, right?

Dress:   Vintage, Thrifted

Boots:  Had for about 20 years!

Necklace:  Vintage, Thrifted

Slip: (unseen)  Vintage Vanity Fair

Ms Blige has gotten me through some times! And this song in particular was my anthem at one time. Enjoy and really listen to the words.



  1. I love the material on this dress,
    Serene! You styled this so well also--made it very modern with the jacket, the stockings and the boots! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. What a beautiful way to see vintage clothes, such lovely words. I do share the same feeling.Vitage is not only beautiful, and different it also a way to wear history.
    Love your dress and your boots are beyond words.

  3. Serene, this outfit would make anyone love vintage! I really like the boots and I think my next purchase will be colored tights..they look great on every blogger I have seen wear them. i also like thinking for the history for each vintage piece..that appeals so much to my since of story telling! Thanks so much for the encouragment earlier today on my blog, over5ofeeling40. You guys have played a huge part of keeping me in the blogosphere!

  4. Purple with a dark brown is one of my favorite combinations, and I need to find ways to wear those colors together more often. You look great!
    And, I agree with you about vintage clothes. My absolute favorite is when I find little clues about the original owner. I bought a bag last month that still had a ticket stub to a downtown theatre in it from the mid 1990s. So fun to know for sure that the purse was in that theatre on that night for that event!

  5. I love the pattern on that dress SO fabulous. The shoes look great with it also. Look forward to seeing your other thrifted items. xo

  6. Oh, I think about this too. In fact, I often wonder if I could get a short story out of a dress if I allowed it to 'tell me its story.'

  7. pretty dress! great find.


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