Friday, August 5, 2011

In Defense of the Pursuit of Beauty

I'm always a bit sheepish to mention to someone that I have a fashion blog.  To say that style is my passion is a little embarrassing.  I feel like a passion should be more altruistic.  Something that helps people.  Something that produces art for others to enjoy and contemplate.  Just to stand there, look someone in the eye and say, "You know, I just REALLY love clothes!", quite frankly, feels silly to me.

But I've given this some thought this week.  I've quizzed and analyzed myself to find out what it is EXACTLY that I love so much about putting together and perusing beautiful outfits.  And you know what?  THERE'S the key word:  BEAUTIFUL!

All through history humans have been inspired by beauty.  The beauty of flowers.  The colors of a sunset.  The sincerest of smiles.  Beauty has been claimed and tamed over and over again.  Artists have used every imaginable medium to capture beauty.  Songs have been composed and sung praising beauty.  Poems have been written in attempt to describe beauty and it's effects on the beholder.  I believe God loves beauty!  And he put that love of beauty in each of us.  

My aunt said one time, "Everyone notices a pretty girl!  Even other girls!".  She's right!  As women, we long to be beautiful and be seen as beautiful.  We clothe ourselves in beauty.  We decorate our homes in beauty.  We bring beauty to an often ugly environment.  And while I fully realize that my grandma was completely correct when she admonished, "Pretty is as pretty does"; I'm simply talking about our passion for all things lovely and beautiful.  I'm not delving deeper into the human psyche.  What I'm talking about is pure and simple esthetics.  What appeals to the eyes and all our other senses.

Is there anything wrong or shallow with having appreciation for pretty?  As I was pondering this, I asked myself, "Is it designer clothes that you get excited about?"  You see, if that was my passion, that love of labels; then I would have to admit to myself that it's status that I may be getting excited about.  But I could honestly answer, "No!"  I truly don't covet the newest Louboutin heels, or the latest Lanvin gown or dress.   Now make no mistake, I love to find a designer label when I'm out on my treasure hunts; but it's a beautiful garment that makes my heart sing.  Whether it's homemade or designer made; it's the beauty, the feel against the skin, the silhouette that truly makes me grin with glee.

So today, my friends, I'm happy to defend my pursuit of beauty!  I may even call it a lofty goal.  Beauty makes me more civilized.  Beauty feeds my soul.  Beauty has no price tag.  Beauty can be found in a boutique, or in a discarded heap of worn out garments.   Beauty isn't prejudiced.  It's no regarder of size, shape or skin color.  Beauty fits everyone.  Beauty glows under eyes of appreciation hypnotizing the gazer, promising a better existance.

My love of style truly has nothing to do with owning a Michael Kors belt or Louis Vuitton bag. It has EVERYTHING to do with brightening up my little corner of the world.  It's about appreciating BEAUTY.  With all my heart, I believe women are beautiful.  Go forth and be beautiful!


  1. I enjoyed this post, Serene. I hadn't considered the distinction between seeking status and seeking BEAUTY, and you are exactly right. I guess there's a bit of Romantic poet in me, too, because I think that appreciating beauty for beauty's sake is mostly a GOOD thing.

  2. I agree! I admire your pursuit of beauty and find it in your outfits. You search for aesthetic excellence, not social prestige, and that's obvious. I believe when you dress well, you *are* giving something valuable to the world.

  3. You always find the best thrifted shoes. These are especially cute!

  4. This is a wonderful post, Serene. I agree so much about beauty - we try to beautify our surroundings and have done so since we humans got "civilized". And I love this: "Whether it's homemade or designer made; it's the beauty." You said it, well, beautifully! xoxoxo- Patti

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog - I am really enjoying catching up with your posts. And yes, I am in love with my new shoes!

  6. Wow...this is so beautifully (pun intended) written. I wholeheartedly agree. There is a vast difference between appreciating beauty and being shallow, and I don't believe there's anything wrong with appreciating beauty in many forms.

    I clicked over to your blog via Shybiker's after I saw your comment about your mom passing from lung cancer. Mine did as well; she was 60, I was 24. It was six years ago. I really loved what you wrote.

    In general, I think I can already say you have a lovely perspective on things. :)

  7. Amen, Serene!
    I LOVE this post and you so eloquently said what many of us can't, or get lost in our thoughts and THIS doesn't come out like you just put it!
    I usually just say,"I love this outfit",duh.....
    Thanks for summing up what many blogger's are probably feeling!
    You are so beautiful!

  8. So true Serene! Love to make my part of the world beautiful too. And I used to do it through dance evrey morning..any way to get that beauty out,. out for me and all to enjoy! Great post~And I know what you mean too feeling guilty--sometimes I do too. Fashion seems so frivolous sometimes!

  9. I'm like you and am shy about telling friends I have a style blog. but if you think about it, dressing well/individual style really is a form of art. it makes me happy when i see someone, girl or guy, with their own sense of style and comfortable in their own skin.

    I think it's hard to explain style blogging to other people, because a lot of people view fashion as frivolous.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this topic serene :)

  10. You should never be embarrassed about your love of looking your best and your blog!
    you look so pretty in yellow!

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. The search for beauty is sacred and helps us heal. There is a meditative feel to it at times.

  12. I love this post, because I share the same sentiments , you put it so well in words. I like to look my best too, I love to experiment with clothes but I don't go for labels. I just love thrifting. By the way you look beautiful! I love the gold belt with yellow top and white skirt combo, totally gorgeous!


  13. I love your belt! And I think you're absolutely right about having appreciation for pretty.


  14. I've noticed a trending topic among fashion or style bloggers where they've kept their blogs secret from family or friends or coworkers.

    I've done nothing of the sort, largely because all of those people already hear about my views; they just hear it in person, as opposed to reading it on a blog. And I have found my friends to be among my most significant promoters.

  15. I agree, and your passion and enthusiasm for clothing is so evident- you have so much vivaciousness to you that it makes the world not only more beautiful but a better happier place. xo.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  16. I completely get what you are saying and applaud it! There is nothing shallow about it at all. We need more beauty in our lives, sometimes desperately!


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