Friday, August 19, 2011

It's like starting over.......

Tomorrow, we take my only daughter to college.  She and I have talked a lot about what it will be like that first year.  As she has prepared to pack her things, we talked about how she would like to dress in college.  For the past 7 years she has worn a uniform to school every day.  My girl loves a great outfit and has a wonderful eye for what works!  She dresses on the conservative side and there are a few things that she'd like to start consistently wearing once she goes to school.

One of those things is heels.  She loves high heels but has never felt comfortable wearing them, partly because no one is used to seeing her in them.  You know what the great thing about starting over is?  You can reinvent yourself!  No one knows you.  No one has expectations.  You begin with a clean slate!  So now, she will incorporate things into her wardrobe and wear them as if she's been wearing them for years!

Are you starting a new job?  Moving?  In a brand new situation?  NOW'S the perfect time to reinvent those parts of yourself that you may have been nervous about before.  Want to step up your style?  Want to be more casual?  Experiment with vintage?  Start wearing make up?  Try it now and OWN it!


  1. Wow GF I hadd a lot of catching up to do! First, I lvoe your dizzy skirt! and I dont have the hair to be a floosey; so I've never had to think about that!
    Second, your friend looks so much better with the waist tucked in. Thanks for the info on the body shape thing. And yes, God bless kim k and jlo.
    third--still love those shoes--they are killer and the nice simple but flattering dress--who can go wrong?
    Fourth--so you will segue right into the midi style this year no problem--and you got to wear heels with them! How exciting for your daughter!

  2. Oh my dear Serene what a huge wrench it must be for you to see your precious girl pack up her girlhood and get ready for college! You are so, so right about the reinvention thing - college is the perfect opportunity for young people to try out new clothing styles and music. She'll be creating memories. Big hugs to you my dear in the beautiful floaty skirt. xoxoxoxo

  3. oh Serene =D what a great post about your daughter! I hope she loves it and it's so nice to see how encouraging you are to her! I love that skirt!! I wish your daughter the best! =)

  4. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as her mom! I wish her the best of everything. You look so pretty in your silks. xoxoxo - Patti

  5. My daughter was the only one of my kids to leave the state as a Freshman, and my youngest. Leaving her in her dorm room brought forth the most complicated emotional cocktail. So sweet and wonderful, sad and wistful, happy, exciting - I can still recall it, but not describe it. Enjoy the time!

  6. It is sad when they go, but I am sure you have shown her how to fly solo, so you will see how proud you feel when you watch her from afar.
    You are a beautiful woman. You look stunning.

  7. I love your shoes Serene!
    I've been lusting after shoes all week for some reason?
    You are so beautiful :)

  8. Sweet post about your little girl growing up. Time passes sooo quickly!

  9. Hello again Selene, Helga tells me that the "Round the World project bag is with you".
    How are things going???

  10. First of all - I really like the blouse you're wearing, such a mice cut)
    Second of all - I can understand what your daughter is feeling now) I had to wear uniform for 4 years in high school - green jacket, pencil skirt and white shirt, every day. So when I 've started my classes in uni, I was a bit confused. I got used to wear classic suits and white blouses for studying, and kept up with that style for over a year (my classmates were wearing some crazy stuff and crazy hairstyles, but I always looked like a paralegal))). I've started making some changes when I was still at uni, but it was only after graduation that I've started experimenting more with my look and style (what everyone've done while being students). So it's such a great thing that you've talked to yoyur daughter about this transition in her life)))

  11. Yep, I had made a resolution to wear make-up this year and haven't made much progress.

    It will be interesting to see how your daughter's style develops.


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