Friday, August 26, 2011

It must be LOVE....LOVE....LOVE!

 What you can't see is that this skirt has tiny multicolored pin stripes in it and the tank has a lace front sewn of my favorites!  I threw the vest on at the last minute and it added just the right amount of "something" to complete the look!

Do you love what you wore yesterday?  
Or was it just "okay"? 
Wouldn't it be great to get dressed everyday and just LOVE what you're wearing and feel great in it?

You know how that can happen?  Here's the trick right here.  It's taken me a while to get this, but now that I have, I'm a convert!  So here it is...I'm going to speak up so you can hear me.....


Sounds simple right?  Go take a look in your closet.  Go item by item and ask yourself, "Do I love this?"  You'll be surprised.  I promise you, there's a lot of clothes in there that you keep because you think you can use it.  You purchased it because you wanted something different, feeling kind of bored with your wardrobe.  Or maybe you saw another blogger wear something similar and you loved it on them; but just haven't made it work on you.  But you kept it anyway.  Buyer's remorse kicking in and then you're feeling like you HAVE to keep it.  Did someone give you something that is really not you, but you feel guilty re-gifting or donating it? 

All these scenarios lead to having a closet full of acquaintances rather than true friends.  It's quality that we're after.  Authenticity.  A closet full of items that get you excited and inspired!!!  I mentioned in the previous post that I did a closet purge.  I was shocked that I had 2 big trash bags of things that I didn't love! I swallowed hard, forgot about what I spent on it and piled unloved items in the bags and took them toot sweet to donate.  Now, I look up in my closet and see items that I just ADORE which will lead to outfits I just ADORE!

I'm telling you, free yourself from the so so.  And then don't look back!  You'll have even MORE clothes and outfits to wear than ever before and a renewed love of the daily dress up!  

How long has it been since you purged? 


  1. Love! Love! Love! this advice as well as the outfit today.

  2. This is a great post to bookmark, my friend! Why settle for the good-enough, indeed? I love this outfit on you, with the lace + vintage skirt + denim vest to pull it together = fabulous. xoxoxo-Patti

  3. I like the dress -- but what I like even more is your attitude. Clothing should bring us joy and there's no excuse to wear boring items!

  4. You are absolutely right. I will aspire to do what you suggest. You look great in this outfit.
    I find that even if I love a piece of clothing, if my mood is not right that day it won't feel right. Maybe I need to try to find something that I love so much it will change my mood!

  5. You look fabulous. The vest is definitely the perfect "something". Love those wedges too.

  6. I try to do that in my closet. I wish I was better at only buying things I loved, too. I think the denim vest is genius with that outfit!

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  7. OOO Serene, this was such a great post! I'm in the process of getting my closet together at my new place and I decided to take the opportunity to throw some things out...of course I come across some things that I've been hanging onto for no good reason. Thanks for the inspiration to just throw em in the donate pile! BTW- I LOVE how you've styled the denim vest.

  8. Thanks guys! Glad that I could inspire you...have had to give myself a kick in the tookas to let go of "meh?". Ally, good luck on your move!

  9. I totally agree with your process of downsizing and only keeping items that you love. I am in the process of doing just that myself! It helps to create movement in my life - making room for the new.

  10. I add to it that if you love it, keep it even if you're not wearing it right now. You might wear it again in a couple of years because it's that great!

  11. SC, YES! Good for you! That's another great thing about allows room for new ideas and new inspiration!

    Wendy, I completely agree! I definitely have things that I didn't wear all summer, but they're not going anywhere because I love them so much!!

  12. I really love denim over a white dress, and your wedges are awesome.

    I almost never purge my closet... haha.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. That is SUCH good advice and I try to follow it! Well, I also try not to BUY anything unless I absolutely love it. I purged this morning :) big bag of clothes going to charity!

  14. Serene~dont ya just love the jean vest? I get so much wear out of mine! You look great!
    I always purge; sage advice, GF! And what goes in--something goes out! Love ya!

  15. That's a great approach to your wardrobe)) I plan to do this in fall - while sipping latte and watching Jane Eyre))) I knoe I have to vuch clothes that I just tolerate or think I have to keep it. Time for a big cleaning)))


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