Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh, Baby I love your way......every day.....

This outfit right here, probably encapsulates what my blog is all about:

1.  Each of us can have defined personal style - signature style using either what they have, or spending very little.
2.  We're never too old to express ourselves through dress.
3.  Dressing for ourselves, NOT to camoflage perceived flaws.

This dress sums it up.  It's a bit campy, a bit elegant, can go in a lot of different directions AND was thrifted for about $3.50!  AND it's vintage!  There's a lot of khaki goodness going on here!  I loved that the belt was such a statement piece.  It belonged to my mom and I don't think she ever even wore it one time.  I'm just such a sucker for belts!

These Lela Rose shoes were purchased off of ebay.  I really really love the way they look!  But to be honest, these shoes are meant for all day wear.  After a full day in them, I'm ready to cry or kill!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  We took my daughter to college.....5 hours away!!  I miss my girl already; but this is what it's all about, eh?  They have to grow up and grow wings!  Maybe that means I need to spread mine a little more!  Big hug to all of you!!!!


  1. That is a lovely outfit Serene, I adore the belt that was your mother's. Sorry you are missing your own girl!

    Come over and post this gorgeous look on Visible Monday, if you can. xoxoxo - Patti

  2. OH I LOVE THIS DRESS! I have one very similar to it that I haven't worn, I like it when I get inspired by bloggers. =D

  3. The dress looks amazing with the belt and shoes. I love shoes but can never keep them on for long.
    Letting children use their wings is hard, but you'll be entering a whole new, wonderful relationship with your little girl grown big. Grown up kids are great too!

  4. ....and the Peter Frampton reference! Love it! Love your blog ties to music.

  5. That style dress is just the best--looks good on most people and its so comfortable AND looks great on you! I had a print one like it and wore it to death....
    Ha--funny you mentioned "perceived flaws"--and you saw my blog of today...great texting last week to catch up! Love ya, gF!

  6. You are stunning in this ensemble. I remember dropping off our daughter when she left for college, and it's a huge transition. Enjoy the ride!

  7. As the post loaded, I admired the style of the dress and the statement...but kept thinking it needed a spot of color. And, then, I saw the shoes. Well done!

  8. you look so elegant and classy in this outfit, the belt adds pizzaz!


  9. I find the outfit casual and so very chic, Serene.

  10. Serene, I thought I was following you, but evidently I wasn't. I fixed that. I love this dress. It is the exact look I would love to have if I had a waist like I used to. You look great in this dress. It is one of those easy looks that can be dressed up or down so easily.

  11. The dress is great - so elengant and yet casual, can be dressed up and down and can be worn with so many different things))
    Sorry that you miss your girl. It's how it suppose to be, but it's still sad. Hold on and spread your wings))

  12. Those shoes are worth crying or killing over. They're amazing! Love that this look sums up your blog. Every-now-and-then I wear an outfit that I feel just screams "me." It's a cool feeling!

  13. You look like you spent a mint on that dress! Lovely!
    I have a love/hate relationship with khaki, i keep buying it, but rarely wear it. Hmmmm.........
    I know that perfect piece is out there somewhere ;)
    ( i have tons of pants and used to have to wear khaki or black at work, maybe that's it )

  14. Lovely dress, Serene, and the fabulous belt and bracelets clinch it! Hugs as you settle into your slightly emptier nest!

  15. That looks very good on you! Can't believe you found that in a thrift store!

  16. Love your shirt dress and shoes!


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