Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm a LADY!

Oh Happy Day! I got my new camera! Hopefully, no more grainy pictures! I'm beyond excited! I also really felt good about my cute little 60's or 70's dress. This is one I styled in an earlier post. I just love the sleekness of it.




I always like to think about how I "feel" in an outfit. Definitely a believer in the emotional link between us and our clothes. I felt so chic in this - like such a lady! "He taught me how to WALK and to TALK and to act like a regular LAIDY, HE DID! (BRRRRRRRRRGGGGG....blowing snot into a dirty hankerchief!) There! I got my Gilligan's Island reference in! My friend, Mary, took a couple of pictures for me and I HAD to take one of her. Mary is always so stylish. She's fun. She's wise. And she always smiles. Maybe that's why at 62 she looks 10 years younger!


Dress...... Vintage thrifted ($1.50)

Belt......Michael Kors via TJ Maxx ($15?)

Boots......Belk(Around $20 on clearance)

Sweater......Actually a Victoria Secret Bath robe, that I use as a long carigan. Hand me down.

"Well she's all you ever want, the kind you like to flaunt and take to diiiiinnnnnneeeeeh!"


  1. you make me laugh! Love the music, btw--very good taste!

    Love the VS sweater--I have had some finds there also to wear as day wear. Catalog is awful this year tho for clothes, or is it me?

    Anyway, great look (on your friend too).

    Oh, and I just got a new camera also, and maybe I'll go large...

  2. Paula, definitely definitely go large. It really shows the detail so much better. I have to be honest, taking pictures of myself and posting them really makes me get over myself fast! I mean, I have to just close my eyes sometimes and hit "publish" or else I'd be picking myself apart!

  3. I like the larger photos and Mary's secret is her smile.


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