Monday, October 25, 2010

Wearing the Colors of Autumn

This is completely being inspired by the season's colors. After a HUGE haul this weekend, I found myself on Sunday morning getting ready for church thinking, "Oh my goodness, what the heck am I gonna wear?" It's one of the things I love about dresses, it's always a pulled together look.

These are a pair of the boots that I got this weekend for just $3! They are Gianni Binni and all leather. You can't even buy PLEATHER for $3. That's gotten to be a pet peeve of mine - faux leather shoes and purses for LEATHER prices. I just can't get excited paying that much for leather's country cousin.





Another pet peeve of mine is wrinkled clothing and low and behold, that's what I'm sporting! This fabric just wrinkles easily and then when I took the dress off, I realized that the entire side was still unzipped! Sunday mornings rarely go smoothly, but I still felt fabulous in the dress and boots and for anyone who knows me...It's all about the feeling!

Dress...... Belks(gift from my sweet baby)

Belt......Michael Kors via TJ Maxx($15?)

Booties.......Gianni Binni via Thrifted($3)

Jacket.......Thrifted ($2)

Bracelet.......Inherited from my very stylish mom

Happy feelings this Monday!


  1. I absolutely adore the colors you're wearing!


  2. Thanks so much for visiting & for the "follow". Can't wait to snoop around YOUR blog!! :)

    Pleather = "leather's country cousin". Classic.

  3. Big score on those boots!!! You'll be wearing THOSE a lot!

    Those colors look great on you~

    On the wrinkled thing? I heard that the french feel wrinkles are better~it shows that the fabric is natural fibers and not synthetic. So more power to wrinkles!!!

  4. This just might be my favorite outfit I've seen you wear. I adore the melon-y orange combined with that nearly olive green. And the bracelet? Wow. Proof that moms are the best! Congrats on your successful shopping! You're right it is SO much FUN!

  5. I've been boot shopping lately and have decided I must be a boot snob. Must be leather or not at all. Great find on the boots.


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