Thursday, October 14, 2010

That's what friends are for...

My friend, Sueann, and I were talking today about shopping and clothes. She mentioned that Oprah never wears the same thing twice, that she donates her things. After we both, "Oh wow, what would that be like?", I started thinking if this would really be such a great thing. I told Sueann, "I wouldn't like that at all!" You see, my clothes are like family or friends to me. We have a re-la-tion-ship! And when you have a relationship with someone, you don't just ditch them. I mean, most things in my closet, I can go through and tell you why I like it, how I feel when I wear it, if I wore it to some place special and any details. My clothes and I have a history! Even the newer ones. With those, I'm still in the "just getting to know you phase", but it's still the beginnings of a sweet long friendship.




Speaking of relationships, this jacket and I have a fabulous history together! This jacket loves me! It fits me perfectly. It looks wonderful with everything. AND the passage of time in no way lessens my love for it. i think I bought it about 7 years ago. Now this skirt is the one I got this past weekend while thrifting. It grabbed my attention from the get go and when I put it on, the bond was set. I wore it today and I felt so much like myself, I can't even tell you! On top of that, you can't see it, but I wore my Chanel white capped sleeve sweater with this. The only Chanel I own and it just makes me feel special! Like we used to sing in the Brownies, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold!" Speaking of friends, my friend, Mandy, has such great style and talent! She is a personal trainer, doll house designer, runner, philosopher and diva extraordinaire!


Jacket...... Bisou Bisou($?)

Skirt......Vintage via thrifted (3.50?)

Shoes.......Stuart Weitzman via thrifted ($7)

In honor of friendship!


  1. Serena--the skirt is just wow! When I saw the first pick of it several days ago I didn't see the genious in it, but once you put it on--I saw the stripes fall going different directions. And the swirling--it brings something out in you.:)

  2. Terri, Thank so much! I can't tell you how many compliments I have gotten on it. I feel like I've stumbled across a special treasure. It falls so perfectly! I finally got to swirl!!!!

  3. Oh I love that skirt! So pretty. And your so right about the relationship with clothes. I would hate to only wear things once (unless its an evening gown for a ball, then I think its not so bad) I love so many of my items, and I like to wear them all the time!

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  4. Love the swirl of the skirt and sooo cool that you captured it! Love the jacket--I have one like that too, and it is a staple.

    Jealous of the Chanel shirt...

    Oh, and don't you love Ethels jeans? They have zippers all over the place! Way ahead of her time!


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