Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Pretty vs New Ugly

As marketing director for a gym, I work alot of health fairs, festivals and different types of shows. I end up getting to know alot of people who represent their companies at these shows as well. Some of them give out free t-shirts with their company logo on it. It's so funny to me that these t-shirts fly off the tables! There's a store here called Medicine Box and they are great about giving away hundreds of t-shirts and people swarm to get them. It's like the idea of free clothes is just too enticing to pass up, even if it's a funky color t-shirt with a company logo on it. In some ways, I can be a clothing snob, but I'm also a clothing enigma. I'll wear just about anything secondhand (only really excluding underwear). I mean socks, tights, shoes, slips, you name it, I'll wear it. I also have no real repulsion to eating food I've dropped on the floor. Over Christmas last year, I was sitting on the couch eating a cookie and felt a crumb drop. I couldn't find it anywhere. Myeah, whatever, I'll just vacuum later. Then a couple of hours later, I'm walking through my living room with my daughter and I see a cookie crumb on the floor. I proceed to pick it up and pop it in my mouth strictly within the guidelines of the 24 hour rule, right? My daughter was aghast and couldn't believe that I was eating off the floor. As I started chewing, I realized that it tasted NOTHING like the cookie I had earlier and I gotta tell you, I have no idea what I ended up eating....but I'm still here and doing fine. And that third arm growing out my back over the last year (which I'm sure has nothing to do with the mystery crumb from the floor) has REALLY come in handy bringing in the groceries!

Oh, but I digress...where was I? Enigma, that's right. Of all the secondhand crap I'll put on my body, even straight from the thrift store, I have a total aversion to t-shirts. I'm not talking the cute JCrew tissue t's, I'm talking anything that has any kind of writing on it. And I see people around here almost wanting to fight over these freebie teebies! It's almost as if we're a third world country and we have to take our clothes where we can get them! I'm planning on running a 5K with my youngest son in December (I don't really have a runner's body, but I'm going to give it my best shot) and we get a free t-shirt. Anybody want it?





Dress...... Juicy Couture via Consignment shop ($20)

Boots......Vintage Thrifted ($3!! YES! You read that right!)

Jacket......Bisou Bisou ($30? Somewhere along those lines.

Necklace......Gift from my awesome sistaaaah!

How about a little Blue Oyster Cult?


  1. Serene--Are these boots part of last weeks thrift haul? I am so jealous--these are practically go-go boots!

    I'm with you on the tee shirts. I wear them--but they MUST be a plain, solid color and NO LOGOS.

    As for the crumbs, I've done the same! Must be the frugal mothers in us.

  2. T-shirts are the worst. I 100% agree with you. I have a few that I wear to the gym, but I'm quite well-known among my friends for having made the following famous statement: "I will never date a guy who wears black t-shirts. Especially one with writing on it."
    Your darling dress, however, I would scoop up in a heartbeat!

  3. I'm with you I'm not down with logo t-shirts, or t-shirts that scream a corporation name.
    OCCASIONALLY if its a weird off the shoulder tee with a cool design I might consider it... and it possible cut the lable off.

    and a juicy dress for $20... whhhhaaattttt???

    good luck with your race, if you've been training you'll do great :)

  4. Love that jean jacket; it has a different shape, no?

    Terri is right~your boots do look go-go. And of course I have a pair similar; are they suede?

    oh, and I eat crumbs off the floor too....

  5. Terri, yes, these are a part of that ridiculous to come soon! Vanessa, I can't even PICTURE you in a're always so put together in a really fun way! Emmett, training? What's that? LOL Paula, the jacket is very fitted which is what I love about it. I'm really looking for a rugged looking jean jacket, I just haven't stumbled upon one yet. The boots are leather, not suede, but wouldn't suede be gorgeous!?!


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